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REVIEW – Gilded Balloon & PBJ Management – Lynn Ferguson’s Storyland


SCOTS actor, comedian and playwright Lynn Ferguson makes a triumphant return to the Edinburgh Fringe in her new show Storyland.

Lynn is well known for her voicing of brainy fictional hen, Mac, in the 2000 cult-classic animated film, Chicken Run.

The younger sister of chat show host Craig Ferguson, Lynn was a writer on his iteration of the US’s classic TV show, The Late Late Show.

Lynn Ferguson promo shot in her return to the Edinburgh Fringe.
Lynn Ferguson returns to the Fringe after 10 years. (C) Steve Ullathorne

Now, back at the Fringe after ten years, she brings us Storyland. 

Despite living in Los Angeles (which she stresses looks just like Grangemouth when it rains), her Cumbernauld accent remains unchanged. 

Storyland has been inspired by a collection of stories and events that Lynn weaves seamlessly together, skipping from one tale to the next without fault or hesitation.

The way the 57-year-old addresses a crowd is captivating, with her experience in the industry glaringly obvious from her comfort in front of an audience.

She talks with them as if she’s in a café, chatting too personally over a coffee. Or in a bar over a pint. Even I felt as though we were friends once the hour was over. 

Even if we don’t realise it, almost all of us have a narrative running continuously.

At different points in our life we become magnets for other people’s stories.

We might be the starring role in our own tale, but we are supporting roles, season regulars and extras in other people’s stories, with everyone’s tales interweaving with each others. 

Lynn tells us stories about her family, and she also tells us other people’s stories.

She shows us that some are happy, some are inspirational, and some are the ones that keep on playing, that need to be drowned out. 

Lynn is real, raw and will make you both laugh and cry. 

With a different celebrity guest every time, each show will be slightly different, but every show will no doubt be as powerful and thought provoking as the last.

Storyland will make you look at life in a different light. It’s an easy five-star, and one that I’d urge anyone to make the time to go and see.

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