Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Edinburgh hosts new eco exhibition to encourage furniture recycling

SCOTS artists are hosting an environmentally-conscious exhibition in Edinburgh to inspire people to begin recycling their old furniture.

Taking place at The Leith Collective from now until the end of May, Furniture Reimagined showcases household items which have been upcycled by the artists into something new.

A wide range of furniture and designs features in the exhibition, including re-upholstered vintage chairs and contemporary doors turned into mirrors.

Sarah Thomson at the exhibition
The exhibition comes at a time that many households begin their spring cleaning

Some items needed some simple care to bring them back to their former glory, whilst others have been recycled, repurposed and reworked into something completely original.

The artists hope their work will encourage people to think twice before doing sending their household items to landfill, and keep furniture in use for longer to reduce waste.

Speaking ahead of the exhibition launch, The Leith Collective founder Sara Thomson said:

“The furniture featured in this exhibition was built to last. These items have all had a life, they have maybe had a few knocks along the way but that’s no reason to discard them.

“With a little imagination, many household items can be transformed – not just turned back into something functional, but into something truly beautiful.”

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