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One Direction fans left in stitches after Louis Tomlinson accepts fan’s offer for a birthday shot

ONE Direction fans have been left in stitches after superstar Louis Tomlinson accepted one superfan’s offer to share a birthday drink with them.

Tomlinson was in Riga, Latvia last Thursday as part of his Faith in the Future tour and was out meeting fans following his performance.

The 31-year-old had mere minutes to share with doting fans before having to depart, but managed to squeeze in time for a shot of vodka with one lucky punter for her birthday.

Video filmed by concert attendee Eden shows Tomlinson dressed in a red and white Lacoste tracksuit top and black trousers greeting a swarm of fans awaiting him in the walk to his tour bus.

The singer from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, looks to be examining a miniature bottle of vodka as he poses the question: “All of this? That’s pretty steep, huh?”

The fan replies: “You don’t have to drink everything.” However, Tomlinson appears to take on the challenge, as he untwists the lid of the bottle, asking the fan: “Are you going to drink everything?”

The bewildered fan then shyly replies: “I don’t know. Maybe.”

A confident Tomlinson then says: “Well, we’re all in, innit? That’s pretty steep that though man. Right, cheers.”

The pair then clink their bottles together as Tomlinson’s bodyguard hilariously looks over the pop star’s shoulder concernedly, seemingly suspicious of the bottle’s contents.

However, the Just Hold On singer nonchalantly throws his head back, downing the miniature bottle in one as fans around him cheer wildly.

Finishing up the drink, Tomlinson pulls a disgusted face before adding: “Strong. Nice.”

Recomposing himself as the fan nervously apologises, Tomlinson laughs and repeats “So nice” before turning to grab a selfie with his admirers.

Superfan Eden took to social media to share the hilarious moment on Saturday, with the caption: “No because he had no business being this close to me ever.”

The video received over 386,200 likes, and more than 1,800 comments from fans left in stitches by the star’s down-to-earth attitude.

One person joked: “His bodyguard was like, ‘He’s not gonna drink that, right?'”

Eden and Louis Tomlinson.
Pictured: Superfan Eden with Louis Tomlinson. (C) Eden.

Another said: “This makes me feel so old because, what do you mean we can drink vodka with him just like that?”

A third commented: “You should’ve known better that Louis Tomlinson was gonna drink every drop.”

A fourth added: “He’s just like a little boy that has been given a challenge and he is trying to see if someone else can beat him.”

Speaking to Eden today, she said: “It happened in Riga on Thursday night.

“I flew there with my friend for the show and once it ended, we waited by the tour bus in hopes that he’d come out to chat.

“There were a lot of us fans waiting for him and an hour in, he came out and started taking pictures and talking with everyone.

“The thing with these types of meetings is that it’s super crowded and so Louis only has the time to greet, talk and interact with the front row of the barricades installed by security.

“There was this person right behind me and after I got a picture with Louis, they started telling them that it was their birthday and they’d love to do a shot with him.

“Louis had already moved on to the next person but when he heard that he looked their way.

“He asked them how old they were turning and I believe their answer was 25.

“He then agreed to take the shot. It was so much fun to see him take that huge shot of vodka and we all cheered when he took it in one go.

“I love seeing him be so relaxed and trusting with us. After taking the shot, he took a selfie with them and then moved on to the rest of the fans who were waiting.

“It was overall super sweet.”

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