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Still Game star shares hilarious musical response to “fat-shaming” man

A STILL Game star has shared his hilarious musical response to a “fat-shaming slob” – with a song jesting he “likes girls who love a Domino’s”.

Jamie Quinn – who played Fergie in Scots cult TV show Still Game – plays guitar for the band Penny Mob, and used his musical talents to respond to an American’s claim that he “doesn’t like fat girls”.

The response – crafted in the form of an impromptu musical tune – reveals Quinn loves women of all sizes, especially those who “love Cadbury Twirls“.

Video begins with the original clip of a topless American man staring into the camera as he brazenly states: “I shouldn’t get s**t on when I say I’m not attracted to fat girls.”

The on-screen text reads “A Scotsman reacts: fat girls” as the camera cuts to Quinn, who strums his guitar as he jests: “Don’t worry, pal. You won’t get s**t on, for not dating so-called fat girls.”

The Scot harmonises: “’Cause some guys prefer chicks with stomachs like bricks, but I prefer the ones who love Cadbury chocolate Twirls.”

He continues: “Some people are fat, some people are thin, that’s just the way life goes, but I like the girls who love a Domino’s.

“She loves a Domino’s; they love a Domino’s.”

Jamie Quinn.
Pictured: Jamie Quinn. (C) @pennymobband from TikTok.

He then sings a message to the audience as he says: “Baby, don’t worry, let’s go get a McFlurry, don’t listen to fat-shaming slobs.”

He then jests as he refers to his band: “We’ll eat all night and listen to Penny Mob.”

Quinn then lets out a chuckle as he ends the video.

Quinn took to social media on Friday to share his made-up tune, writing: “A Scotsman reacts”.

The post received over 9,900 likes and more than 200 comments from fans quick to applaud Quinn for his quirky response.

One person wrote: “This for our national anthem.”

Another said: “Love this. I want a McFlurry now.”

A third joked: “I’m your gal, then.”

Another added: “Go on, Fergie, son.”

A fifth wrote: “Top man and top tune.”

Jamie Quinn is known for playing the popular Still Game character Fergie the ned, who appeared across seven seasons of the show.

Throughout the series, Fergie was the source of several hilarious moments, including heckling a councillor and trying to con lead duo Jack and Victor with a fake tombola.

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