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Shocking footage shows electric car in flames after allegedly crashing into petrol station

SHOCKING footage shows what appears to be an electric car wrapped in flames after allegedly driving into a petrol station.

Behu Shehu came across the scene in Edgware, London last night in passing, as traffic was brought to a halt whilst authorities battled the blaze.

The blaze comes just two days after a similar incident that saw another electric vehicle catch alight in a car park in Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside on Tuesday.

Shocking footage shows two paramedics dressed in high-vis vests walking towards a car completely engulfed by flames.

Plumes of thick smoke billow from the charred shell of the car, whilst the flames within appear unbothered by the rain falling all around the vehicle.

To the right of the car is a Shell garage which thankfully appears untouched but stands at high risk of going up in flames given the circumstances.

The garage is empty as cars sensibly opt to avoid driving in with the wreckage just a stone’s throw away from the petrol station.

Despite there appearing to be few, if any, casualties, the incident has left locals questioning whether electric vehicles are safe.

Behu took to social media last night, to share the shocking footage, writing: “What’s happened?”

The post received dozens of likes and comments as shocked locals shared their thoughts.

Behu Shehu.
Pictured: Behu Shehu. (C) Facebook/Behu Shehu.

Suzanne Ellul wrote: “And they want to put Edgware bus station [sic], full of electric buses, under a high-rise tower?”

Jitesh Hirani said: “Surprised the rain didn’t put it out quick enough.”

Zuzana Lukacova commented: “Hope the driver is okay.”

Hayden Parker added: “It’s not funny anymore. These joke cars are downright dangerous.”

Tracey Daniel wrote: “Shocking!”

A spokesperson for London Fire Brigade said today: “Firefighters were called to a car alight on Stirling Corner in Barnet last night.

“The Brigade was called at 21:05 and the fire was under control by 21:25. One fire engine from Stanmore Fire Station attended the scene.”

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