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Get me to the church on time: Hilarious video shows man in race against time to make friend’s wedding after getting the dates mixed up

A HILARIOUS video shows the moment that a man realises he’s mixed up the dates for a wedding – and faces a race against time to make it.

The man known as Harry woke up in a panic last month after he was alerted to the fact that he had a wedding to attend a day earlier than he anticipated.

The army veteran from London documented his desperate attempts to beat the traffic and make the nuptials which were taking place in Elsfield, Oxford.

Eventually after battling the elements Harry manages to make it to the church in time to see his friends tie the knot.

The footage begins with Harry and friends darting to his car as they begin their race against time to make it to their friend’s big day.

The camera cuts to Harry’s feet as he drives which show a pair of mismatched brown loafers, much to Harry’s friends amusement.

A friend in the passenger seat laughs as she asks him: “Did you mean to leave in those shoes?”

The driver then confides that he hopes he has remembered to pack his suit shoes in the boot.

As they head towards their destination they come across a road that has been left flooded and seems unpassable.

Harry holds the steering wheel, questioning whether he should chance trying to go through the rainwater or not.

The group finally decide to keep going after re-routing their journey, before Harry bursts out into song, appearing calm before further chaos ensues.

The camera then closes in on Harry’s face as he fumes: “Oh my god. You drive like people f**k.”

In reference to Hugh Grant’s character in Bridget Jones Diary, Harry’s friend then amusingly says: “Come the f**k on, Bridget.”

The group then dance wildly in the car before being met with “yet another flood.”

Harry appears irritated at this point as he beckons the car in front to “just drive” faster well aware that the diversions are eating into their deadline to make the wedding.

The camera cuts to show a car driving slowly along the wet road as Belinda Carlisle’s Heaven Is A Place on Earth plays out from the radio.

As the race continues, Harry opts to stop for a bite to eat after he has seemingly experienced some frustration behind the wheel exasperated at the actions of other drivers.

Eventually, the group arrive at the village of Elsfield where the wedding is taking place as Harry rapidly begins his quick-change routine.

He changes into his black brogues and quickly gets tie on before swinging his jacket over his shoulder before getting caught in a bush.

Harry changing his shoes.
Pictured: Harry quickly changing his shoes. Credit to @resurgent_harry from TikTok/Deadline News.

Harry says: “I haven’t actually tried the jacket on.”

He jokes: “Not bad, seeing as we thought the wedding was tomorrow.”

The trio then begin desperately trying to locate exactly where the wedding venue is as they calmly walk before looking at each other and saying: “Go, go, go.”

They laugh as they finally reach the church with the organ sounding out in the background as guests take photographs near to the pews.

This leaves Harry and friends questioning whether, despite their best efforts, they might have missed the wedding after all.

Fortunately, a final image in the video shows the group outside the church as the caption reads: “Made it”.

Harry took to social media on Saturday to share the hilarious footage, writing: “Get ready with me. Wedding part two.”

The post received 71,400 likes and hundreds of comments as many social media users were left in stitches at the footage, with some even comparing the events to classic film Four Weddings and Funeral.

One person wrote: “This is like an English comedy movie.”

Another said: “Four Weddings and Funeral moment. Good film.”

A third commented: “I was at this wedding and nearly didn’t make it. The flooding was so bad and I live in Oxfordshire.”

A fourth added: “Obsessed with all the clubland bangers getting you through.”

A fifth wrote: “The two jackets getting caught in the brambles. Cracked me up.”

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