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House-hunters left stunned after “hellhole” property advertised as “blank canvas” goes on sale for nearly £700k – cash in hand

HOUSE-HUNTERS have been left stunned as a “hellhole” property advertised as a “blank canvas” for a dream family home has gone on sale for nearly £700,000 – paid cash in hand.

The three-bedroom terraced house in Wimbledon, London needs “complete modernisation” according to estate agents SW19, who listed it on property website Rightmove for £695,000.

The exterior of the property is fairly nondescript with the glaring talking points lying within the four walls instead.

Bathroom destroyed in property. Credits: Rightmove/SW19.

Inside the house, potential buyers are immediately made aware of the hefty renovation job they’ll have on their hands as they are greeted by two reception rooms, three bedrooms and a single bathroom.

Each room contains dated wallpaper that is loosely hanging off the walls, and aged radiators and lampshades.

The carpets are ragged and covered in debris and dust that looks to have fallen from the ceilings amid basic furnishings, with the only furniture remaining being some built-in wardrobes.

The picture of the bathroom shows the room in utter disarray, with the ceiling seemingly having caved in, with tiles and foliage filling the bathtub beneath.

The kitchen also looks rather dull and lonely, with almost all furnishings having been torn out aside from a single dirty sink and the cupboards beneath it.

A further room towards the back of the property is littered with more debris, rubbish and miscellaneous buckets and tubs.

Property is littered with more debris, rubbish and miscellaneous buckets and tubs. Rightmove/SW19.

Despite the garden beyond proving a sorry sight, being dry and riddled with loose foliage, it could prove appealing for would-be buyers with a hefty size of 53 feet.

With the state of the house in mind, the property is currently un-mortgageable, meaning buyers will have to have deep pockets, with only cash offers being considered.

Estate agents SW19 wrote in the property’s description: “This property is in need of complete modernisation, cash buyers only.

“SW19 presents this exciting opportunity to acquire a complete blank canvas to create your dream family home.

“This house features three bedrooms, two reception rooms, and a 53ft rear garden. In its current condition, the property would not be eligible for a mortgage, strictly cash buyers only.”

Oddly, the estate agents also make mention of the fact that the property is in a “battle location” area – meaning that the street names all originate from names of battles, ships and commanders.

Dated interior living room. Credits: Rightmove/SW19.

The property was shared on social media yesterday by Sarah Duggers who wrote: “‘A complete blank canvas’ is doing quite a bit of heavy lifting here.”

Her post has since received over 2,200 likes and more than 280 comments from bemused users left stunned at the price for value.

One user joked: “Do it, Sarah. Buy the murder house.”

Another commented: “Omg that wallpaper in picture four! Picture five: oh. £695k cash only. This country is so broken.”

A third user said: “When they said ‘Battle Area’ I wasn’t anticipating the Battle having taken place inside the house.”

Another wrote: “Ideal for fans of apocalyptic horror films, you too can live in a post-nuclear hellhole haunted by the screaming souls of all those perished in The Event. On-street parking.”

A fifth claimed: “Cash only because the UK economy is being propped up by money laundering on an epic scale and inflation.”

However, Sarah responded: “No. It’s because you can’t mortgage a house without a bathroom or a kitchen.”

Speaking today a spokesperson for SW19 said: “We can see a lot of people on the internet are having fun with this and as much as we appreciate all the interest, this is a serious commercial opportunity for someone.

“We have just sold a fully modernised version of this house on the next road for over a million pounds. We haven’t flinched from showing the property in its full light as our pictures show.”

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