Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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“Intrusive thoughts won”: Hilarious video shows Scot taking a ride on airport luggage conveyor belt

A HILARIOUS video shows a Scot opting to take an impromptu trip at the airport – on the luggage conveyor belt.

Ryan Walker was at Glasgow Airport earlier this month waiting for his suitcase to come round on the carousel when he decided to take a look for it himself.

Climbing onto the belt, Ryan disappeared behind the curtain to the hilarity of his fellow passengers – thankfully reappearing on the other side unscathed.

The video begins with Ryan climbing onto the luggage carousel as the Mission Impossible theme tune plays over the footage.

Clad in a blue top and grey joggers, Ryan and his pals laugh as the conveyor belt slowly eases its way round.

Speeding the video up to show his whole trip, the Scotsman extends his arms out with a cheer before lying flat down as he disappears behind the curtains of the carousel and into the unknown.

His filming pal then switches over to the other side of the carousel, filming the exit as black bags emerge from the beyond as passengers stand waiting.

Then, Ryan bursts triumphantly through the fringed entranceway, with his arms still held aloft, having returned from his brief trip to the uncharted airport area as his mates let out a cheer.

Ryan shared the clip to social media earlier this month, with the caption: “Didn’t take long to get a call from Police Scotland after this.”

Ryan on the conveyor belt.
Pictured: The hilarious moment. Credit to @ ryanwalker1312 from TikTok.

The video has since received over 950 likes and dozens of comments from users quick to crack jokes about the Scot’s impromptu stunt.

One person wrote: “Can’t lie, we’ve all wanted to at one point or another.”

Another joked: “Boy just went international for 5.5 seconds.”

A third added: “Intrusive thoughts won”.

A fourth quipped: “When he came back out the zip on his jacket was burst, his wallet missing and there were tyre marks on the sides of his trainers”.

Police Scotland and Glasgow International Airport have been approached for comment.

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