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EntertainmentCanadian hilariously hails first Wetherspoon experience as a "ten out of ten"

Canadian hilariously hails first Wetherspoon experience as a “ten out of ten”

A CANADIAN woman has hilariously hailed her first experience of a Wetherspoons boozer as a “ten out of ten”.

Jenna Bennett visited her local branch of the popular gastropub – colloquially referred to as Spoons – last week in a mission to try their popular chicken wings.

The artist, originally from Toronto, moved to London last year with the aim of pursuing a music career and has gained a following online after sharing her experiences of trying UK food chains.

Jenna’s most recent escapade to Wetherspoon in London left Brits chuckling as she left a glowing review of the gastropub, praising its “smell” in particular.

Hilarious footage shows Jenna walking towards the Wetherspoons with her pal as she explains: “So, I’m with my friend, Mike.

“We have been walking – how long – to try and find this Wetherspoons…”

She turns to Mike and asks: “Is it Wetherspoons or weather-spoons?”

Mike corrects her as the camera pans to him, saying: “I’m trying to put her on the Wetherspoon chicken wings. On my life, those are the best chicken wings I’ve ever tried.”

The camera cuts to Mike holding the door for Jenna as they enter the Wetherspoon, where a hubbub of people can be heard as Jenna asks confusedly: “Can we just walk in?”

“You could not do that [in Canada]. You have to wait to be seated.”

Jenna then hilariously catches a whiff of the restaurant as she says: “Smells good in here. It’s giving, like Kelsey’s meets Jack Astor’s [chains in Canada].”

She then catches a glimpse of the menu and appears impressed by its lengthy list as she says: “The menu is giving ‘ultimate.’ Don’t think I’ve ever seen so many things on one menu guys.”

“So, I’m sitting here, waiting for the [waiter] to come and he just told me that no waiter comes. What the hell?”

The camera closes in on Jenna smelling her freshly served chicken wings.

She smiles and comments: “Definitely delicious smelling.”

She then takes a bite of a chip and appears to enjoy it before taking a nibble of the coated barbecue chicken wing.

She pulls a delighted face as she says: “Best wings I’ve ever had.”

Jenna posing outside Wetherspoons.
Pictured: Jenna posing outside Wetherspoon. Credit to @iamjenna from TikTok. From a trusted news source.

Jenna then taps her chicken wing with Mike’s as a way of toasting the delicious food.

The pair then decide to celebrate with a glass each of Kopparberg Sweet Vintage pear cider, but Jenna ultimately concludes that it tastes more like Canadian beer than cider.

After celebrating, the pair eventually leave the restaurant, with Jenna posing outside the front.

She reviews the Wetherspoon, stating: “Honestly, guys. My first pub experience. It was a ten out of ten.

“Don’t get me wrong, the aesthetic isn’t the best. It was a little bit cold in there, but I feel like that’s not the point of the pub.”

Jenna took to social media on Thursday to share the hilarious video, writing: “The no-waitress thing really had me shook”.

The clip received over 17,400 likes and 370 comments from Brits who were left divided by Jenna’s review of the infamous boozer chain.

One person wrote: “Smells good in Wetherspoons? Said no one ever.”

Another said: “Not me – a Londoner – being influenced to buy the Wetherspoon wings from someone who’s just moved here. This was too funny to watch.”

A third commented: “From freezer to fryer kind of fresh.”

A fourth added: “Spoons is so good for food, super affordable and it’s tasty.”

A spokesperson for Wetherspoon said: “We are delighted that Jenna enjoyed her first visit to Wetherspoon so much.

“While our pubs are obviously well known to people across the UK, it is wonderful that the appeal of wetherspoon extends to other people from across the globe.”

According to Statista, Wetherspoon operated 852 pubs across the UK as of 2022, employing approximately 42,100 people.

Founded in 1979 by businessman Tim Martin, the pub chain reported an annual revenue of a whopping £1.74bn in 2022.

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