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Scots punters left gutted after Edinburgh pub announces no more live music following local’s “persistent” complaints

SCOTS punters have been left gutted after a popular pub in the capital announced that it will no longer be having any live music – due to “persistent” complaints from one resident.

The Central Bar in Leith, Edinburgh is well known for its karaoke nights and recently welcomed crooner Rod Stewart in the summer for a singsong.

However, due to repeated complaints from one unnamed resident, the bar has announced that there will no longer be any bands performing, nor any chances for drinkers to belt out their favourite hits.

The notice alerting customers to the end of the live music
The notice let customers know about the end of the live music. Credit: The Central Bar

With Licensing Standards officials being forced to visit the boozer “seven or eight times” in recent months as a result of the complaints, the pub has been left with no choice.

A notice now sits in the much-loved boozer as of last week advising of the decision that has been made, leaving locals fuming and branding the forced change as “terrible”.

An image shows a handwritten sign which has been penned in blue marker stuck on the window of the pub.

The sign reads: “After many years of live music at the Central Bar we regret to inform you that after persistent complaints from a resident that all bands and karaoke are cancelled.”

The picture was shared on social media with the caption: “Absolutely terrible that Central Bar have had to do this, the live music and karaoke was such a good night out.”

The post quickly racked up over 330 likes and more than 200 comments from frustrated locals who had no love lost for the anonymous complainer.

One said: “People moving to Leith for the atmosphere and then complaining about it when it doesn’t suit their agenda.”

Another added: “Happening to every boozer in Leith now, all the last remaining pubs are being hit with this – f***ing weasels complaining.”

A third commented: “Yep, no fun in Leith anymore, I loved a wee Sunday singsong.”

Another replied: “What a shame, the pub has been there for so many years, the music and atmosphere is what makes it.

“Such a shame someone has taken it upon themselves to change the way others enjoy their time.”

Speaking today, a spokeswoman for the Central Bar said: “The Licensing Standards board have come seven or eight times in the last few months, it’s not every time we have the music on.

“It seems that someone who lives nearby complains and then they [Licensing Standards] turn up and have said it’s too loud and people going out for a smoke is keeping the noise up.

“They’ve basically decided that’s that there’s to be no more music and there’s not much we can do about it.”

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