Campaign urges drivers to switch off at lights



Video by James Martin

A CAMPAIGN designed to encourage motorists to switch their engines off at traffic lights has been launched.

The Energy Saving Trust is fronting the eco-driving movement in a bid to lower fuel emissions.

The three-year campaign will cost an estimated £1.5 million and will target commuters as they drive to and from work with a combination of billboard and radio advertising.

The campaign – which is funded by the Scottish Government – and delivered by the trust, aims to promote the fact that eco-friendly driving is cheaper for car owners as well as being greener.

Stewart Stevenson, Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change, was on-hand for the launch, even taking an eco-driving lesson to extol the benefits of greener driving.

Mike Thornton, director of the trust, said: “Our campaign shows that while Scots care about the environment their prime motivation for driving in an eco-friendly manner is saving money.

“And with the average weekly fuel bill for Scottish commuters standing at £30, who can blame them.”

The bid focuses on four key pieces of advice for motorists, including: driving at lower engine speeds to reduce fuel consumption; avoid last-minute breaking by decelerating smoothly; driving at a steady speeds; and, sticking well below speed limits.

Rob Cummins OBE, road safety consultant for BSM, said: “The initiative is backed by BSM as eco-driving is more important now than ever before.

“Drivers can learn simple techniques to help save fuel and minimise their environmental impact while practising safe and responsible driving.”

A survey commissioned by the trust estimated that £300m a year could be saved if their advice is heeded by all motorists.

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