Banned in the USA: Scots musician set to miss festival


A SCOTS musician has had his dreams of international success dashed by US immigration officials.

Dan Wilson, who performs under the name Withered Hand, has been told that if he wants to perform at the South by South-West festival in Texas then he will have to prove he is an artist of “exceptional quality”.

The order comes despite Dan already being signed to an American label.

He also has the support of the Scottish Arts Council and the BBC.

Dan, from Edinburgh, claims that if he is unable to overturn the ruling it would set his career back by two years as he won’t be able to travel to the US to promote the release of his upcoming album.

“it costs a lot of money to go to these events,” said Dan. “I’ve managed to get help form the Scottish Arts Council, but all my flights are booked and I’ve invested hours of my time.

“This is my living, it’s what I do, and I had kept march clear so I could go. Now I don’t know what’s going to happen.”