Jack hoping for Christmas hit with new artwork

Jack designed the card with a little help from brothers Toby, left, and Noah, right.

A PINT sized art sensation has teamed up with his siblings to raise money for a children’s hospital.

Jack Henderson became an internet hit earlier this year with his fundraising project Jack Draws Anything.

Now the seven-year-old has sharpened his pencil, and drafted in his two brothers, to create a Christmas card in aid of the Sick Kids Friends Foundation.

The East Lothian trio’s card features Santa standing in a snowstorm and wielding his own pen.

Proud dad Ed said he had to persuade his children to go with a traditional themed drawing.

He said: “I think they [Sick Kids] just said Jack could draw something Christmassy, but I did say to him ‘maybe let’s not draw a Transformer, or Dr Who, or a hedgehog.”

The card, entitled Santa Draws Anything, was designed during the summer heatwave.

Mr Henderson said: “I think it was August he drew it, because he was sat in his shorts with no tshirt on and he’d just had an ice lolly, and he was drawing Santa.

“His brothers also helped him, there’s a star in the top that Toby drew and one star that Noah drew.


“I think it’s only when we got the cards we’d ordered for ourselves that he saw it was a Christmas card, and I think he though it was pretty cool.”

Jack began his project to raise money for Edinburgh’s Sick Kids Hospital, which treated his Noah for bouts of bronchitis.

Toby and Noah both drew a star on the card

His offer to draw pictures in exchange for donations drew the attention of actor David Tennant and rock star Brian May, and Dave Stewart of The Eurythmics even asked him to design an album cover.

But after raising £32,000 for the hospital, Jack decided put down his pencils last month.

Maureen Harrison, the chief executive of Sick Kids Friends Foundation, said: “When Jack did his first drawing and it was obvious how popular they were going to be, we happened to be thinking about our Christmas cards.

“It struck us that this would be a huge opportunity, given how popular Jack’s drawings were.”

Jack’s mum Rose said he’d kept up his artistic reputation with his latest drawing.

She said: “I was absolutely delighted to see that Jack has come up with a really original take on Christmas.

“All of his drawings are quite remarkable and original and he’s kept that up with Santa Draws Anything.”

The Sick Kids Friends Foundation produces a range of cards every year. Normally one features an image of something from Edinburgh, but this year that has been replaced with Jack’s image.

The cards are available from the charity’s website, www.edinburghsickkids.org, in their shop in the hospital or by calling 0131 668 4949.

Available in two sizes, they cost £3.50 or £4 for a pack of 10.

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