Who doo you think you are? Pigeon moves in with pensioner


A PENSIONER who rescued a pigeon from the jaws of a cat has been left bemused after her feathered friend moved in permanently.

Pat MacMillan has spent more than a week trying to evict the bird after walked back into her Edinburgh home and set up a nest in front of the fireplace.

The 79-year-old believes the white pigeon could be someone’s pet and has tried three times to usher it out of her ground-floor flat and get it to fly back to its owner.

But Mrs McMillan is now feeding the unusual houseguest sweetcorn and water until she can trace his owner.

The great-grandmother said: “The pigeon looked as if he was injured in the back garden so I went out and I threw wild bird seed down and he started taking it.

“Not long after i went in the house, my back door was open and  and in the house he came, so that’s making me think that he definitely belongs to somebody. He made straight for my fire and sat down.

“If I put him back out, he sits on top of the hut and looks at the door, and as soon as the door opens, in he comes. Bold as brass he comes up the steps and in the door. I can’t get rid of him.

“It’s as if it’s his house, not mine. I have never seen anything so bizarre. He has just attached himself.

“I think he’s someone’s pet that’s been blown away in the wind and injured. He’s beautiful to look at somebody must love him because he’s too tame. I just hope somebody recognises him.

“My son Matt, who can pick him up, says he thinks i have got a visitor for life.”

A spokeswoman for the Scottish SPCA said the bird was likely a captive animal.

Chief Superintendant of the charity Mike Flynn added: “Feral pigeons would immediately look for a means of escape if they were trapped inside a building, so it is more likely that this bird is a fancy pigeon which has been bred and kept for showing purposes.

“It appears to be used to being indoors and in close contact with humans, so the bird must have an owner somewhere, although we would expect it to have an identification ring.”

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