Baby Bison moooves into Scots wildlife park


A BABY bison is the newest addition to the menagerie at the Highland Wildlife Park.

May Day saw the arrival of a calf into one of the UK’s largest European Bison herds.

The youngster is the first calf to be sired by the bull, Tomek, who came to the Highland Wildlife Park from Ireland in July last year.

The calf has been anmed Glen Garry  Photo:Jon-Paul Orsi

These powerful animals are Europe’s largest land mammal, with bulls weighing in between a staggering 600kg and 1,000kg, with a shoulder height of up to almost 2 metres.

In addition to being successful breeders of this threatened species, The Highland Wildlife Park also manages and co-ordinates the entire European Bison population as holders of the European Endangered Species breeding programme.

The young calf will stay close to first-time mum, Glen Doll, who was herself born at the Park in 2005.

The calf will venture further as he grows  Photo:Jon-Paul Orsi

In keeping with the Park’s tradition that all bison born at the Park are named after Scottish glens, keepers have named him Glen Garry.

Keepers are already noticing his character and personality since his birth, and are excited to watch this youngster go from strength to strength. The calf will start venturing further and exploring his new surroundings soon.

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