Phenomenal: the budgie who guzzles Irn Bru


A SCOTS budgie has proved he’s made from girders – by guzzling litres of Irn Bru.

Skye astonished his owner by swooping on her glass of the famed fizzy drink and helping himself.

Ever since, the four-year-old budgie helps the family polish off a two-litre bottle every day.

Skye prefers the diet variety of Scotland’s ither national drink

The bird has even developed an orange “beard” on his breast as a result of his love of the drink.

Skye’s owner, nursing student Charlene McDonald, revealed her pet has another strange addiction – to spicy food.

Charlene, 23, from Kirkintilloch, East Dunbartonshire, said: “We got him at a pet stall in Forge Market in Glasgow.

“A couple of months after we got him we left a cup of Irn Bru out. He climbed up on the glass and started drinking it.

“If you tried to stop him he would bite you.”

Charlene says Skye bites anyone who tries to stop him

Charlene, who lives with her mum, Cecilia, 54, dad, Ian, 56, and 27-year-old sister, Michelle, added: “We’ve had him just over four years, and he’s been at it quite a while.

“He’s even got a wee orange beard from drinking it so much.

“My mum buys a two litre bottle every day, and he helps us get through it.

“There’s nothing wrong with him from drinking it, his wings don’t get too sticky to fly.”

Skye has developed a distinctive orange “beard”

Skye is a discerning drinker.

“It has to be fresh,” said Charlene. “As soon as it’s put down he wants it. And he prefers Diet.”

She added: “When people come to visit us, they’re sometimes surprised if Skye has his beak in his special glass.”

Charlene described Skye as very noisy and said her sister was driven up the wall by his constant tweeting and food-pinching.

As well as Irn Bru, Skye likes spicy food

“He doesn’t leave you alone.

“If you have any food lying around, especially spicy food, he’ll come and eat it.

“I keep him in a cage, but his door is always open. He won’t fly out the back door.”