Ross Kemp attacked over “ridiculous” portrayal of Glasgow

HARDMAN actor Ross Kemp has been condemned by Glasgow leaders for his “ridiculous” portrayal of the city as a third world warzone.
Kemp’s new TV series compares Glasgow with cities in Pakistan, Mexico and Kenya which are plagued by organised drugs gangs, religiously-motivated terrorism, and people-trafficking.
Ross Kemp: Extreme World starts tomorrow (Mon) by examining violence involving gangs and police in the dockside area of Karachi, Pakistan.
Kemp's portrayal of Glasgow is "ridiculous" and could harm the city, claim civic leaders. Pic: Damien Everett


Last week, the actor caused a storm by claiming that Glasgow was the toughest of all the places he visited.

Stuart Patrick, chief executive of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, today led the fightback.
He said: “These comparisons are clearly ridiculous. It’s lazy journalism of the worst kind, is based entirely on outmoded stereotypes and sends out a dangerous message.
“For a programme like this to appear now, just as we’r about to launch a campaign attracting visitors to the city for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, is potentially very damaging.”
City insiders have claimed the programme makers, Tiger Aspect, had a “fixed idea of the subject matter”.
Several Glasgow organisations are said to have refused to take part in the programme because  Tiger Aspect “demonstrated little interest in profiling positive local initiatives”.
Mr Patrick added: “Anyone who knows Glasgow might laugh off what is patently a cynical marketing ploy to flog an increasingly tired programme format.
“But stories like this unquestionably have a negative impact upon attracting inward investment and fresh talent.
“Nobody is denying that the city has had its share of problems.
“What this programme seems determined to ignore, however, is that for more than a decade we’ve been fighting back and winning.”
The Glasgow edition of the series is said to focus on poverty and alcohol, featuring a 46-year-old alcholic who broke off five toes and kept them in a jar after suffering frostbite in his freezing flat.”
A council spokesman said: “What is undoubtedly missing from the programme is the extensive system of support that’s available for people in difficulty, support that individuals in this film have repeatedly refused to accept.”
No-one was available for comment from broadcaster Sky or Tiger Aspect.

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  1. I don’t think it is ridiculous at all, its good for people to see the truth that goes on. I know loads of people who think the uk is great and in a most part it is but unless youv lived beside your friends being murdered etc no one at all knows what its realy like.

  2. Glasgow council live in dreamland trying to portray the city as a PR stunt when the reality is that most of its public bodies are corrupt to the core and are in a state of denial. Glasgow is a hard city just like others in the UK but what makes Glasgow stand out more is the hypocrisy that there is no corruption, poverty and violence in par with third world counties. The political leadership in Glasgow have lined their own pockets at the expense of others. Now is the time to face the facts and not what they are doing to try to project the city image for the greater good of the unsuspecting public. Take the blinkers off the councillors and we see the raw Glasgow, toes and all!

  3. I’m sure Hugo Chavez would probably have also said something similar to Stuart Patrick about the Venezuela program. “For more than a decade we’ve been fighting back and winning…” really?!! Has Stuart Patrick actually been to Glasgow???

  4. What’s ridiculous about it. That’s Glasgow, I live there, there’s a whole chunk of it that’s nice, very nice in fact but you head anywhere in the East End and it’s another world.

  5. For Glasgow Chamber Of Commerce to ridicule the programme is simply trying to brush the problem under the carpet,not in our name?…well smell the coffee and wake up.Anyone who wants to see poverty in Glasgow should visit Shettleston,Possilpark and Easterhouse and surrounding areas and judge for themselves and they will find that the programme is not far off the mark.The area the programme should of maybe visited in my opinion for regeneration is Castlemilk.The area has came on leaps and bounds since the same era as the places included in the programme.However Glasgow has a lot to improve before the Commonwealth Games commence, and hopefully sport can bring all our communities together and hopefully put the past to sleep where we can all learn to live together without religion and poverty being barriers within communities.

  6. I don’t think Ross Kemp did anything wrong. He’s been to some of the world places on the planet. Mexico, Brazil, Afganistan.. do you hear them complaining about what he has to say?! No. It’s only this guy because he thinks it’ll damage the community! We all know Glasgow is dangerous, he’s just been public with it. At the end of the day, he doesn’t make these shows to point out the nice & pretty things in each country/city, so it’s a bit stupid to expect it.

  7. Wasn’t Ross Kemp rector (or at least he stood for election for the post) of Glasgow Uni a few years back?
    You’d think he might know his way along Wilton St

  8. Maybe if Glasgows leaders actually took a wee stroll through the East Ed and the North End they would realise that it is not a ridiculous portrayal. I would love to see the men in suits in charge of our country survive one night in Balornock, Springburn, Possilpark and the likes. Making these claims from a comfy bed in a 5 bedroom mansion and a full stomach is easy.

  9. .
    Having watched this, it brings back sad memories in the 60s before I left for Oz at 21.Things haven’t changed only major change is the additional of drugs and not just alcohol.
    The reason for this decline is political, the UK govt decided to “hari kari” the British Shipbuilding industry. Before this Glasgow had a degree of prosperity and a future for its people, albeit there were abuse problems like any nation, even here in Oz.
    Contrastingly Germany has been applauded for its stability during the hard financial times in EU. They said they have remained stable because they haven’t forgotten how to make things.
    I wish the UK govt had identified that wisdom and never changed the UK to a financial services industry based in London.


  10. The 2014 CG is a panacea for the ills of Glasgow. Make no mistake, this city
    snarls rather than smiles better. The citizens have been conned left, right and centre
    for decades. The accolades and titles showered on them by their media and leaders
    are s***e. Get an education folk and see the wood for the trees.

  11. I feel that Ross kemp showed the real side of glasgow to the extent that we do live in a city were people do have to live like that guy . Its time the government got there fingers out there you know Wots and actually help these people . I’m sick of hearing on tv that we should send money abroad to poverty stricken countries . Get a grip sort out our own shit then help others .lets see the gang from 60 minute makeover help that guy out and do his house up …. Wouldn’t happen cos they only help people with houses worth over 100000 grand . SOS for the rant but the British government r bollocks can’t wait for scottish independence

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