Susan Boyle now enjoying her fame says actress playing her in musical

SUSAN Boyle is finally enjoying her celebrity status, according to the woman who portrays her in a hit musical.
Elaine C Smith, who plays SuBo in I Dreamed a Dream, said: “I don’t know how she copes but she says she’s getting more used to it now and realises this is her job.”
The actress, who has been picked as SuBo’s choice to play her in any movie of the musical, added: “She cares about her fans and the albums she puts out.
Susan is finally enjoying her celebrity status


“Susan’s great fun. She’s not quiet or pious. She has fragilities like any other person but I think she’s coped remarkably well,” she added.

The musical has been touring the UK since March and Smith said the production may even go abroad.
She said: “There’s talk of Australia and London, and a number of Americans have been over to see it and are showing an interest. Who knows what will happen?”
Smith, 54, said she was at first reluctant to take on the role of SuBo.
“It made me a bit afraid,” she said. “I had to be careful because I didn’t want to be perceived as basking in her success.”
SuBo herself often appears on stage at the end of the show.
Smith said: “There’s this mystique about whether she’ll come out or not, so it’s like the Pope arriving when she does.”
Smith also revealed that she is SuBo’s first choice if – as seems almost certain – a movie is based on the musical.
She said: “I think film negotiations are ongoing but they don’t involve me.
“Susan says very kindly that she wants me to play her.
“Reese Witherspoon playing Susan Boyle would be a far bigger draw than me,” she joked.