Bank Hoy-st: newly retired Sir Chris and Frankie Boyle joke about tandem robbery


RETIRED Olympian Sir Chris Hoy has joked with comedian Frankie Boyle about a new career as a bank robber.

Sir Chris jested that he could join the comic on a tandem bike as a getaway cyclist.

The six-times gold medal winner, who this week announced he was ending his cycling career, said he would consider Boyle’s offer for a new life of crime.

Sir Chris Hoy recently retired from cycling

After Hoy confirmed his retirement on Twitter and thanked fans for their kind messages, Boyle replied: “Congratulations mate. You ever fancy robbing a bank on a Tandem, you know where I am.”

Hoy could obviously see the funny side of the comedian’s quip, replying: “Duly noted *taps nose*.”

Twitter followers were quick to comment on the post, Brian Smith wrote: “Seen him live Chris…he couldn’t even do one banking on a track….that I may pay to see ;-).”

Support for Hoy flooded in on Twitter following news of his retirement.

One fan, Robert Gradwell, wrote: “Sir Chris Hoy, take a bow champ. Heart on sleeve, hard to find, all guts Olympic Legend”

Ben Smith added: “Huge congratulations Chris Hoy for a great career and enjoy your well deserved retirement – legend.”

Despite receiving hundreds of messages of support from Twitter followers, Hoy’s retirement plans were also hit by criticism.

Usher Komugisha told Hoy it was “absurd” that he wouldn’t be in Glasgow at next year’s Commonwealth Games, while Matt Carder joked: “Chris Hoy only retired to concentrate on his Weetabix career.”

Lenzie Kirkintilloch was also unimpressed, writing: “Wonder if Chris Hoy was influenced by the games being in Scotland… the thought of maybe not doing so well in your home country.”

Some Twitter users seemed to mix Hoy up with his English refereeing near-namesake Chris Foy.

Mark Clews wrote: “Can’t believe Chris Foy is retiring, always been a top ref!”

Tony Dennis added: “Just to clarify to Spurs fans. Chris Hoy has retired. Chris Foy has not retired. Simple enough?”

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