Sharon’s cakes are a cut above


A SCOTTISH cake maker’s amazingly lifelike creations have won her customers from around the world – including top-flight footballers.

Sharon Anderson specialises in making cakes based on real-world objects which have included designer handbags, typewriters, a prawn and even an iPad.

Scottish Man United star Darren Fletcher and Dundee United manager Jackie McNamara are among clients who pay more than £1,000 for cakes that take up to a month to create.

SCT_SUPERCAKES_MULBERRY_DN06Sharon, 42, from Edinburgh, also has customers in Dubai, New Zealand and Singapore, some of whom like the creations so much they can’t bear to eat them.

SCT_SUPERCAKES_PRAWN_DN09Sharon made a cake for Dundee United’s Jackie McNamara, showing the football legend in his various club strips before finishing in his business suit.

SCT_SUPERCAKES_FIFTY_SHADES_DN01Sharon said: “I’ve had a few customers come in now after their event and tell me they just couldn’t cut the cakes because they loved it too much.

SCT_SUPERCAKES_DIAMANTE_DN10“It’s really quite flattering when you think about it but the cakes are made to be eaten not left to rot in someone’s living room.”

SCT_SUPERCAKES_ASPARAGUS_DN03Sharon has made cakes for all occasions, including a seductive 50 Shades of Grey model, complete with intimate body hair.

SCT_SUPERCAKES_TYPEWRITER_DN08“One of the strangest would probably be the prawn. It’s a really sweet story actually. It was for a birthday and the wife was pregnant at the time and they referred to the baby as ‘the prawn’.”

SCT_SUPERCAKES_SHARON_DN13Sharon, who opened her shop two years ago, says she’s up for making anything because she loves a challenge – as shown by her Eiffel Tower cake which took over a month to make.

SCT_SUPERCAKES_MCNAMARA_DN14She has also made an asparagus cake, designer jewellery boxes and a beef burger.

SCT_SUPERCAKES_IPAD_DN11Sharon added: “I can’t give away all my secrets but the trick to getting a good, realistic texture on a cake is to use right tool.

SCT_SUPERCAKES_EIFFEL_DN12“For example I used scrunched up tinfoil to give the leather impression on my bags which make them look like the real deal.”