Thug beheads and skins pet rabbit in family’s garden


POLICE are hunting a sick thug who skinned and beheaded a family’s pet rabbit in their back garden.

Pet shop owner Murray Glass was sickened to find the severed head and skin of the bunny at his home when he got up on Saturday.

Police insiders said the killing at the property near Dunbar, East Lothian, appeared to be the work of a “professional”, raising the possibility the animal was taken for food.

Mr Glass at first thought the pet rabbit had been killed and devoured by a fox.

But he quickly realised that a blade had been used to cut a straight line down the back of the pelt, indicating the killer knew what they were doing.

Mr Glass revealed that the area is covered by CCTV cameras and threatened to identify the culprit.

Writing on Facebook, he posted: “To the sicko who came into my garden last night, took a defenceless pet rabbit, beheaded it and skinned it, CCTV is a wonderful thing. I’ll name and shame you publicly.

“Some people are pretty sick to do that to a pet rabbit.

“Definitely not a fox or a badger. Clearly someone who knows what they are doing. Straight cut marks down the centre of the pelt.

“Reported it and CCTV being checked.”

Police insiders said they were “pretty sure it was professionally done”.

Neighbours and friends of Mr Murray took to social media to express their horror.

Margo Moncur said: “This is horrendous. I hope they are made to suffer. I cannot believe the cruelty of some people.”

While Jen Mckay wrote: “Oh no, that’s terrible poor wee thing! Hope the person responsible is caught.”

Gordon Kilgour asked: “Possibly someone desperate for food? Austerity measures are having a greater effect than many imagine.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said that they and environmental health officers were “investigating following the discovery of the remains of a rabbit at West Barns, Dunbar, on 15 March”.


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