“Mildly comedic” Robert Lindsay tweets JK Rowling asking for film role


MY FAMILY star Robert Lindsay is “waiting with baited breath” to find out if he has a role in JK Rowling’s new Harry Potter spin-off.

Lindsay, also known for his appearances in Hornblower and Citizen Smith, took to Twitter to ask whether any positions were available in her upcoming film series.

Rowling wrote the first Potter book when she was a single mum
Rowling urged Lindsay “not to touch the beard”


He sent Rowling a message after she publicly tweeted her delight at the decision to cast Katherine Waterston as one of the main characters in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – a sequel to the hugely popular Potter series.

Lindsay wrote: “@jk_rowling any decent role for ageing mildly comedic actor currently bearded but willing to shave?”

Within minutes, the millionaire author had replied, confirming that she would speak to director David Yates about the possibility.

She said: “I’ll have a word with David Yates. Don’t touch the beard (not because of the role – I just like beards).”

Lindsay replied that he was “staying in tact and waiting with baited breath”.

Die-hard Potter fans were quick to jump on the bandwagon.

‘THGHolly’ said: “What about a 19-year-old that looks like a 12-year-old boy? I feel I can bring a lot to the movie.”

Alexander Call wrote: “What about a cameo for a slightly-geeky bookseller? Willing and able to grow a beard.”

Cami Davis joked: “What about a violently ginger teenager who may or may not be able to act with a straight face?”

The upcoming spin-off is a trilogy based on Rowling’s 2001 novel which explores the magical creatures in the Potter universe.

Eddie Redmayne is set to star as Newt Scamander – a magizoologist who travels to find and document magical creatures.

It was recently revealed that Katherine Waterston, best-known for her appearance in crime comedy drama Inherent Vice, will play a witch who joins Scamander on his adventures.

Robert Lindsay, 65, has won a BAFTA, a Tony award and three Olivier Awards for his work.

He held the starring role as delusional revolutionary Wolfie Smith in the 1970s BBC sitcom Citizen Smith.

He was also cast in the recurring role of Captain Pellew in the ITV mini-series Hornblower, and his longest running role has been Ben Harper in the popular BBC sitcom My Family.

Lindsay is also known for his stage work, including appearances with the Royal Shakespeare Company, and has performed in Les Miserables and Oliver!