Gran and dog rescued after mobility scooter fail


A GRANNY and her dog had to be rescued after she accidentally reversed a mobility scooter off an embankment and became trapped underneath.

Terry Hewat, from Livingston, West Lothian, was trying to take a picture of a rare bird when she accidentally shifted the gears.

Instead of moving forwards, her scooter shot backwards off an embankment, and ended up trapping the 54-year-old and Mitzy, a shih tzu/Yorkshire terrier cross.

She was unable to lift the vehicle, believed to weigh 80kg, and thought her motionless dog had been killed in the accident.


Terry and Mitzy escaped relatively unscathed


Luckily, a pair of good samaritans came to her rescue following the incident at Dedridge Pond in the new town.

Terry and Mitzy escaped relatively unscathed.

“I would have made money on You’ve Been Framed,” she said.

“I flew right down the embankment and the scooter landed right on top of me. I couldn’t get up and Mitzy wasn’t moving, I think she was trapped as well at that point.

“I thought she was dead.”

Terry, who suffers from arthritis, made away with some bruising to her leg and ankle.

She is now hoping to be re-united with the good samaritans who helped get her out of trouble.

“If I won the lottery they would get half of it,” she said. “I hope they are able to get in touch because I would really like to thank them all.”

Terry added: “A man who had come across the bridge had seen me and rushed to help me.

“I only know him as Jimmy and know that his parents stay in Livingston.

“Another man from Norman Rise, who was walking his dog, then came across and they both managed to lift the scooter off me.

“My husband and grandson haven’t stopped laughing since I told them.”

Last year, a total of 164 people across Britain were injured in mobility scooter accidents.

Seventeen suffered serious injuries and five drivers were even killed.

The vehicles, which have a top speed of just 10mph, do not need tax or insurance and can be driven without a license.

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