“It tastes like a toothbrush” – Ukrainian kids try to describe Irn Bru


HILARIOUS footage shows Ukrainian children struggling to describe the flavour of Irn Bru after tasting the Scottish drink for the first time.

The children in the video explain that Irn Bru tastes “like a toothbrush”, “salty with banana” and “like candy with lemon”.

The footage was shot by Dnipro Kids, an Edinburgh-based charity founded by fans of Hibs, that works to improve the lives of Ukrainian orphans living in the city of Dnipropetrovsk.

Dnipro Kids said that they decided to conduct the experiment because they had “no idea what Irn Bru is supposed to taste of” and wanted the children’s advice.

The drink ultimately gets mixed feedback, with some of the youngsters recoiling in disgust, and others describing it as “tasty”.

The video opens with a young girl trying the Irn Bru, who says: “It’s salty … with banana.”


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The girl then grimaces whilst looking at her cup, and pauses for a long time before eventually taking a second sip.

She continues to pull a series of confused and contemplative faces throughout the video, as she tries to pinpoint what the Irn Bru tastes like.

Another boy, wearing a Hibs strip, seems unimpressed, saying: “It tastes like an ordinary lemonade, it has a lemon flavour.”


When pressed for more information he says: “It tastes like watermelon, too. That’s all I can say about it.”

Perhaps the most surprising response comes from a young girl who originally says that the drink tastes like candy.

She then changes her mind, and concludes: “It tastes like a toothbrush.”

Dnipro Kids committee member Duncan MacRae, explained the reason behind the tasting session.

He said: “The video was filmed on a 16-hour sleeper train journey from the beautiful and historic Kamyanets-Podilsky region to Dnipro where the children live with their orphanage families.

“With this video, we wanted to show everyone how amazing these kids are, what fantastic personalities they have and just how much fun they have while on these trips.”


He added: “Also, we really have no idea what Irn Bru is supposed to taste of and, although the taste test was not entirely scientific, we were genuinely interested in the honest, impartial opinions of the children.”

Dnipro Kids was set up in 2005 by a group of Hibernian FC football fans after their side played Ukrainian team Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk in the UEFA Cup.

During the away trip, the Hibs fans organised a collection for a group of orphans, and within a few months, the idea had snowballed into a charitable organisation.

Money raised by the charity is now used to buy clothes and medical equipment for the orphans, as well as organising trips for them.


Duncan said: “Their four-day trip to Kamyanets-Podilsky was funded by Dnipro Kids sponsors and donors and it’s thanks to them we are able to take the kids on amazing trips like this each year.

“The majority of Dnipro Kids supporters live in Scotland and may never get the chance to meet these wonderful children, who are full of so much love and jocularity.”

Donations to the charity can be made by texting DNPR16, followed by the amount you wish to donate (eg DNPR16 £5) to 70070.

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