Friday, December 8, 2023
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More than 2,000 Ukrainians supported by Scottish charity, new report reveals

A SCOTS charity has supported more than 2,000 young Ukrainians and their families since the beginning of Russia’s invasion, according to their latest report.

To mark World Children’s Day today, Barnardo’s Scotland have released a report highlighting the service they have provided to accommodate those displaced from the ongoing conflict in the country.

Barnardo’s Scotland Welcome (Ukraine) Service has been running since summer 2022 to support Ukrainian children, young people and parents upon their arrival to guarantee they feel safe and welcomed in Scotland.

Image supplied with release by Barnardo's Scotland
A group of women who have been supported by the service.

The service provided by the charity has been working closely with Local Authority resettlement teams to ensure that those arriving in Scotland can smoothly integrate into the community.

Martin Crewe, the Director of Barnardo’s Scotland, said: “To offer targeted support, we continue to work closely with a host of other organisations to deliver a range of service with the aim of ensuring that children, young people and parents receive the support they need to feel less isolated and integrate into their communities.”

One parent who has used the service said: “We are grateful to all at Barnardo’s for the fact that they found ways to solve our problems relating to injuries, relocation, changes in life circumstances, the language barrier, loss of our quality of life and fear of the future.

“My daughter is enjoying life, and my son sleeps peacefully every night and likes to communicate with his peers.

“I am happy again with the achievements of my children.

“I have returned to something resembling a normal life – continuing to study and work – and we can make plans again for the future.”

After the Scottish Government’s original commitment to welcome 3,000 Ukrainians displaced by the ongoing conflict, more than 25,000 people have arrived in Scotland, with the majority of them being women and children.

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