Scotland star Gary Caldwell stuns clubbers


FORMER Scotland star Gary Caldwell is seen dancing wildly with stunned clubbers in a video that has caused a sensation on social media.

Caldwell was sacked as manager of Wigan Athletic in October but that seems far from his mind as he jumps up and down to the music in a Sirling nightclub.

Wearing a jumper and shirt combination, the 34-year-old has his arms round fellow clubbers much younger than himself, and can be seen smiling and laughing.

The eight-second clip, filmed in Dusk Night Club in the city on Monday, has been viewed 28,000 times in 12 hours.

Party-goers can’t believe what is happening, and continually point to Caldwell, whilst laughing in disbelief at the camera.

Photos: Scottish Football Away Fans

Those at Dusk took to social media to express their delight at Caldwell and his appearance at the club.

The video – “On the sesh with Gary Caldwell in Stirling last night” – was posted to Facebook page Scottish Football Away Fans.

Jack Sutherland took a photo of himself and Caldwell in the club’s toilets, and wrote: “Unemployment at its finest. Gary Caldwell out on a Monday night.”

David Neville said: “Absolute nae chance i’ve just seen a photo of Gary Caldwell in dusk on a Monday night.”

Kieran Tait added: “No way man Gary Caldwell fae the Wigan dugout to dusk.”

Lewis McKenzie quipped: “Why the f*** is Gary Caldwell at Dusk on a Monday night? Must rate his cheesey tunes.”

Facebook users took the opportunity to remind others about Caldwell’s career.

Mark Podmore wrote: “Probably my best ever moment at a match when he scored against France at Hampden.”

Aidan Guthrie added: “We gave this lad a torrid time in our younger days. Nice to see him letting his hair down an enjoying himself.”

Liam Anderson said: “Highest hes jumped in years.”

Caldwell played for Hibernian, Celtic, Newcastle and Wigan, with whom he won the FA Cup, in a 14-year playing career.

After retiring in 2015, the centre back, who also has 55 Scotland caps, became manager of Wigan in April 2015.

But after helping the club gain promotion to the Championship, he was sacked in October this year, with the club second-bottom of the league, and without a win in four games.

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