Google depicts Scotland’s national animal as sparkly-eyed cartoon with rainbow hair


GOOGLE has been ridiculed by Scots after the internet giant revealed its idea of what Scotland’s national animal looks like.

Any notion of a majestic, horn-headed beast has been brutally crushed by Google, who represent the animal as a sparkly-eyed cartoon with rainbow coloured hair.

The Unicorn has long been considered as the national animal for Scotland in a tradition that dates back to the 1300s.

It is thought to have originated because the Unicorn was believed to be the natural enemy of the lion – a symbol adopted by the English.


The Unicorn sparked debate on social media


One Reddit user discovered that if you type ‘Scotland’s national animal’ into the Google search bar, the result produces a cartoon image of unicorn.

At the top of the 37,000 results a box containing the image of the fairytale Unicorn is titled: “Scotland – National animal.”

Underneath, written in bold, black lettering is ‘Unicorn’ and next to it is the purple outline of the mythical creature.

The image shows the white unicorn, with a glint in its black eyes, and a purple and pink twisted horn.

It has a multi-coloured mane and tail featuring the colours of the rainbow and is outlined by a purple line.

Unsurprisingly, the picture evoked a strong response from other Reddit users.

One wrote: “That’s looks like the ‘pedigree’ version.”

Another user commented: “That looks amazing. Hairy rhino horse.”

One added: “Hurrah for our national pointy-headed death horse.”

One quipped: “That’s a naughty unicorn that got loose at the mince pies!”

Another joked: “I always thought the wild haggis was the Scottish national animal.”

Whilst one user added: “That’s no unicorn, that’s just a horse with a party hat who’s been let loose on the hair dye.”

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