Gordon Ramsay stuns Twitter – by liking a fan’s food


GORDON Ramsay has delivered the ultimate shock to his Twitter followers – by being nice about their cooking.

The TV chef has dished out increasingly colourful insults over the past two weeks, describing one fan’s efforts as “looking like the inside of his grandad’s colostomy bag”.

But last night, he sent shockwaves through the social media website by complimenting a follower’s dish.



Anthony Ho tweeted Ramsay: “What do you think of my banana and toffee cheesecake?”

As Anthony and fellow Ramsay fans hunkered down waiting for the withering insult to land, the chef astonished them all by writing: “Looks good Anthony”.

Not long afterwards, Ramsay assessed a fan’s beef wellington with the words “looks great”.

Conor Fitz tweeted: “Get Anthony his three Michelin stars now, the messiah approves of the cheesecake.”

One user, known as @Tawonauta added: “Oh s*** boy. Gordon Ramsay approves your cake.”

Noluthando Duma wrote: “Well done Anthony, it’s not often one gets on the good side of the chef.”

@Sqdur did not believe it could actually be Ramsay replying positively, and quipped: “Reply to this tweet with cheese if you’re being held hostage.”