Paddy Power under fire after cancelling £21,000 bet payout


PADDY POWER have come under fire after it was claimed they failed to pay out over £21,000 due to a customer after a winning bet.

One punter, known only as “Charlie”, backed Monaco to beat Borussia Dortmund in Wednesday night’s Champions League tie with a £7,000 stake.

The French side defeated their German counterparts 3-1, meaning Charlie thought he was in line for a £21,700 payout after getting odds of 21/10 on his bet.

However, Charlie, from Birkenhead, Merseyside, was dismayed when he discovered that his bet had been cancelled as the deposit limit had been exceeded.


Charlie felt he was due thousands of pounds


Writing after the game on Wednesday night, Charlie tweeted: “Done Monaco to win. @paddypower cancel bet with the explanation deposit limit exceeded but they have taken the bet #Disgrace”

The screenshot of his open bets shows the match in question and the thousands of pounds he thought he had won.

He later tweeted the company’s “Ask Paddy Power” account to say: “Pay out? You’ve cancelled my bet and refunded my stake. Out of order because you’ve already taken the bet. #Joke.”

They responded: “Sorry but we can not overturn a decision made I’m afraid.”

His tweet to the bookmaker has been retweeted 4,600 times with a further 2,900 likes and has attracted countless more comments from enraged fellow punters.



Billi wrote: “How the f**k can you take a bet and not payout when it wins? I hope [he] knows about IBAS! If not, I’m going to let him know asap.”

Dave commented: “Imagine if bet was a loser. I bet somehow it wouldn’t have been cancelled then.”

John Jacobs responded: “There should be something in place to block the deposit then surely? They can’t take the deposit, let him bet then cancel.”

Whilst Matt Duce added: “You’ve got to be kidding me? I’ll be closing down my account, this is disgraceful behaviour.”

A spokesman for Paddy Power said: “We have a strict policy of not commenting on individual customer accounts.”

Paddy Power are famous for their bold marketing stunts which have included flying a 63ft pair of pants over the 2013 Cheltenham Festival and placing an “emergency Sir Alex Ferguson” outside Old Trafford following Manchester United’s poor form.

And during Donald Trump’s visit to Scotland, they sent a Mexican Mariachi band to welcome him following his proposal to build a wall between America and Mexico.