Essex lad tricks pals into joining him at pub with fake pints on Snapchat


A TEENAGER has gone viral after he tricked his pals into joining him at the pub – by posting fake pints on Snapchat.

Jack Potter, 19, was keen to take advantage of the recent good weather and meet his mates for a few pints in a beer garden last Tuesday evening.

However, the teenager from Essex, was ignored when he sent a text round asking if anyone was free to come down and join him.

Undeterred, he decided to send a Snapchat to his friends, showing five pints for the first five who managed to get themselves to the pub.


His mates fell for the clever prank


However, there was in fact no pints as Jack had used the crop tool on Snapchat to duplicate his own pint, much to his friend’s annoyance when they did turn up.

Jack tweeted about his cunning plan on Tuesday night with the caption: “To get my mates down the pub I cut and pasted one pint five times and told them there were five pints waiting first five down gets a free one.”

His hilarious tweet has been retweeted over 33,000 times with over 131,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

The first photo shows a man sitting in the beer garden with one pint whilst the second image shows the same man surrounded by five pints.

However, if you look closely, it becomes clear it is the same pint that has been copy and pasted to try and entice Jack’s friends to the beer garden.

The last snap shows one of Jack’s friends who fell for the prank as he “stormed off” from the pub after realising there was no free pint sitting waiting for him.


One of his friends was shocked to turn up and discover there was no pint waiting for him


Another photo Jack tweeted later shows one of his friends at the beer garden with the caption: “What do you mean there’s no pints?”

Speaking about the incident, Jack said: “It just came to me after I told my mates I got the pints in.

“I was trying to convince them but didn’t think they’ve believe me without photographic evidence.

“It took me about five minutes to perfect the pint, paste it, and then make them look slightly different sizes and stuff.”

Speaking about his friend who is seen in the last snap, he said: “He was close tears I thought he was genuinely going to cry.

“He stuttered and said: “wha-what do u mean there’s no pints” then all my mates – we’re called “The Company”- started cracking up. He was alright in the end after a little strop. I had to buy him one for being a good sport.”

Twitter users have been quick to react to the tweet.

Georgina Mellor wrote: “Genius.”

Pete McMonagle commented: “Well played.”

Whilst Codey Simons added: “Definitely doing this.”

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