Hilarity as Sir Chris Hoy tags the “wrong” Jason Kenny in post


A MANAGER at a car dealership from Bolton has been mistakenly promoted to the ranks of Olympian greats – by Sir Chris Hoy.

Sir Chris meant to tag his fellow gold medalist Jason Kenny in a social media post
but got the wrong one.

Car salesman Jason replied: “Thanks Chris, I’m sure I’d have remembered it though?”

He added: “Even the mighty Sir Chris gets it wrong!”

The hilarious bungle by Sir Chris comes almost a year to the day since Jason from Bolton was first mistaken for a cycling legend.

The 46-year-old – whose love of two wheels is restricted to motorbikes – was receiving nearly 50 messages a day after the Rio Olympics in which his cycling namesake won gold.

Sir Chris, posting on Instagram yesterday (tues), wrote: “It’s Olympic anniversary season so I thought I’d throw this one in; nine years ago we won the Beijing 2008 team sprint Gold.

“We were the underdogs going in which made it all the more special. It set the tone for week to come.. @jstaffusabmx @jasonkenny”

The picture shows Sir Chris and his cycling colleagues standing on the podium with their gold medals and flowers.

The tagging blunder was also spotted by Sir Chris’s fans on social media.

seanaitken81 said: “You’ve tagged the wrong Jason Kenny?!”

The slightly less famous Kenny last year changed his social media biography to read: “Bolton lad but not an Olympian, that’s @jasonkenny107 who’s amazing + not Canadian that’s @jkenney who’s…Canadian.

“Often confused for both you ain’t the first.”

Last year the “real” Jason Kenny married long-term girlfriend and fellow Olympic champion Laura Trott and the pair are now expecting their first child together.


Speaking today (wed), Jason said: “It’s amazing that even someone like Sir Chris makes the assumption that there is only one Jason Kenny and that the Jason he knows will have that username.

“It’s well documented that Jason doesn’t really do social media, he is media shy and keeps himself to himself.”

The confuse matters further, Both Jasons come from Bolton, which has a leisure complex in the city named after the Olympic champion.

Jason added: “It’s worse that I’m also from Bolton and the Jason Kenny centre is literally a stone’s throw from where I work.

“One of my new employees thought I owned it but didn’t like to ask!”