“Get down that road or get it over the head!” Pensioner couple’s street spat goes viral


A BIZARRE video shows Scotland’s most henpecked pensioner getting threatened by his walking stick-weilding wife with getting it “over the head”.
The elderly man, who is using a walking frame, gets a furious tongue-lashing in the middle of a Dundee street.
The woman’s tirade starts with: “Now either you get down that road or you get it over the head.”
The man, dressed in a beige jacket and trousers with a matching flat cap, doesn’t say a word as he shuffles past, doing his best to speed up.
Still raging, the woman continues: “You’ll never tell me what to do, son.”

The woman’s tirade started with: “Now either you get down that road or you get it over the head.”

Before the 17-second video, filmed by Dylan Cassidy, cuts out she delivers the parting shot: “I’ve had worse than you over me.”
The cause of the dispute, which was filmed in the Lochee area of the city on Friday, remains unknown.
Social media users were quick to comment on the post, with many showing sympathy for the older man and noting that he seemed in a rush to get away from her.
Mondo Trasho commented: “Poor wee man.”
Jude added: “Poor auld bugger.”
While Tam Graham joked: “Trying to walk away fast too so there’s no more grief hahahaha.”
User Circle of Life added: “Bet he wished he could run away from her.”
Dollface Lundgred commented: “The retirement he always dreamed of.”
Iain Cambridge added: “Poor lad, in his golden years and has to put up with domestic abuse. He can’t even stand for up himself, literally.”

The woman continues to shout at the man while he walks down the street without saying a word

Others found the video hilarious, and tagged their other halfs to let them know that their future could hold similar fates.
Danielle Rae wrote: “I can’t stop laughing haha.”
Stace commented: “Me and you in 60 years time.”
Paul Clark added: “@_ruthhk this will absolutely be you.”
Dylan, 19, was staying at his dad’s house when he heard the commotion outside. He posted the video to twitter with the caption: “Dinna think he wants it over the head ahahahaha.”
Speaking today (MON), Dylan said: “I couldn’t get my phone in time so I didn’t get any longer, I just heard them arguing so thought I’d video it.
“It just went quiet after that so he must have been scared.”

Watch the full video here. 

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