Intrepid suburban Scots take to skis to beat Beast from the East


DETERMINED Scots have been getting their skis in a bid to Beat the Beast from the East.

John Murphy, driving in Glasgow, spotted a man kitted out in full ski gear sliding along the pavement.

John’s passenger took a video which has been viewed 250,000 times on Facebook. The intrepid skier appears to struggle after a while and starts to walk with his skies.

John captioned the clip: “Driving in Glasgow while it’s snowing and seen this. Can’t tell if he’s insanely smart or off his head. I didn’t take the video, my sister in the car took it, safety first.”

The man is dressed in a navy jacket and trousers with a Scandinavian design woolen hat.

In a second clip, Gordon Rooney captured a young skier this morning in Paisley skiing down the road.

The youngster appears to be having an easier time of it than his counterpart in Glasgow. With his orange jacket and black helmet he casually glides down the pavement.

Gordon said he spotted a “Ski W****r away for some croissants #Snowmageddon” out of his window.

He said: “They skied out of sight as I laughed in disbelief.”

A second man spotted out on skiis in the freezing temperatures

Scotland is currently experiencing its harshest cold weather snap in a decade. The Met Office has issued a red weather warning for the first time in Scotland’s history.

Hundreds of schools all over the country have been shut and trains and buses are facing severe alteration to their normal timetable.

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