Scot’s macaroni cheese causes Twitter meltdown after users think she ate it off the bed


A TEENAGER’S macaroni cheese dinner caused a Twitter meltdown after it appeared she was eating straight off her bed.

Jolene Beveridge, 16, scoffed the meal from a glass plate but an optical illusion made it look like the macaroni had been dumped directly on to the bedding.

After a pal posted a picture of the tea on Twitter, appalled social media users accused Jolene, from Livingston, West Lothian, of severely lacking table manners.

Amy Woodburn, also 16, from Livingston, posted: “Wit, where’s the plate? Jolene eats her macaroni straight aff the bed.”

Jolene’s dinner baffled twitter users

Hannah Butler joked: “Macaroni and sheets.”

Ricki Collins added: “That’s made me feel a mad way.”

Jo Watt concurred, commenting: “Am traumatised.”

Lee Halpin added: “No plate, no problem.”

Ciara Clancy asked: “Is this on top of a duvet?”

Billie said simply: “Omg violation.”

Amy, left, and Jolene, right

Daniel Murray commented: “Straight aff the bed haha.”

James Dillon jokingly asked: “Shall I set up a just giving page so you can buy a plate?”

Whil Leighann said simply: “Ewww.”

Speaking today, Jolene joked: “I don’t even know what to say it’s just hilarious.”

In all, the post has gathered over 28,000 likes and 4,800 retweets since it was posted on Sunday.

Eager to defend herself Jolene then piped in, sharing a picture of her now half eaten dinner on a glass plate and telling Amy: “Shut up idiot it’s a glass plate. F*** ye.”

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