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Deadline at the Fringe are interviewing performers across the month, putting 20 questions to them.

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Owen O’Neill

In his new one-man show, Owen O’Neill: Ten Songs to Die For, Owen tracks the comic and tragic moments of a somewhat wild and reckless life through 10 songs. A musical mystery tour with laughs.

  1. First impressions of our fair city and, why are you here?

I love Edinburgh as a City. I love the fact it’s in love with itself and used to until recently, blow smoke up its own arse. I’m here to lose as much money as I can – I’m trying to break my record of £9000.

2. Does your time here bring on joy or dread?

Joy, only unbridled joyous neep and tatties joy. Not that I have ever eaten that!

3.  Are you a happy soul or do the occasionally dreich elements make you morose?

Happy, clappy, hippy, hoppy, all the time.

4. Where will you visit on your day off and why?

I will visit Glasgow for a dose of reality and maybe go to the Peoples’ Palace… again.

5. Do you ever get jealous of other performers?

I hate every performer on the planet… apart from Gerry Sadowitz who I love.

6. Did you have a happy childhood?

Oh yes. I am one of 16 children brought up in Northern Ireland in the seventies by alcoholics. Nothing wrong with me… who are you looking at?

7. What does success and failure mean to you?

Success is eating a big chocolate ice cream. Failure is being stabbed in the face.

8. Are you superstitious when it comes to performing?

Oh yes. Before I go on stage I always make sure there are no Catholic priests within a two mile radius of my venue.

9. What is your biggest fear before going on stage

I would refer you to the answer above.

10. What is your favourite saying?

 “Yes I can accept cash.”

11. What is your worst habit?

Telling performers not to worry about the really bad review. It’s only someone else’s opinion… when I haven’t actually read any reviews. It’s childish but great fun to see the panic behind their eyes.

12. What do you love/ hate about the festival?

I love to watch the seagulls swooping on the black bin bags in the early morning, ripping them apart and scattering the contents up the street. I hate to see my flyer curled up in a puddle with my stupid face staring back at me shouting “I told you so!”

13. Tell me about your most passionate embrace.

I once hugged Gerry Adams at a Rave in Derry in 1988. He was surprisingly tender.

14. Do you wear knickers under your kilt?

I’d love to have the legs for a kilt. I’ve never worn one, but I did put on some knickers once… by mistake I think. Not sure.

15. Most embarrassing moment?

When I told Piers Morgan to f*** off and then realised it wasn’t him. It was a perfectly innocent business man.

16. Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

Stamford Bridge football stadium. I can shout and swear and rage and not get arrested.

17. Who would you be if you were not you?

If I wasn’t me. I’d be Eden Hazard.

18. What scottish delicacies do you enjoy, and do any of them fill you with fear?

I do actually enjoy the brown liquid sauce and square sausages you have here… but I am frightened that if I keep eating them I will progress on to heroin.

19. What is your greatest ambition?

My greatest ambition is to inject William Rees-Mogg with a serum that would give him a strong West Belfast accent.

20. How can we bring world peace?

World Peace is a contradiction in terms. Look, all we can do is plant more spuds.

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Venue:  Assembly Rooms, Front Room

Dates: 2nd-25th Aug (not 20th)

Times: 19:35 (1 hr)

Tickets:  £8 Previews 2nd, 3rd | £11 4th-19th, 21st-25th

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