Tesco sign splits internet over which is worse – the sexism or bad grammar


A TESCO sign is dividing the internet over which is worse – its sexism or bad grammar.

A shopper spotted the “Girls Toys” sign in the Tesco Extra store in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex.

Rob Lowe took a picture and posted the image online with a complaint about “gender bias”.

But Rob’s snap has upset devotees of good grammar as much as it has opponents of casual sexism.

The former have grumpily pointed out that there should be an apostrophe after the “s” in “Girls’ Toys” as it’s a plural possessive.

Rob took the picture on December 9 and posted it with the caption: “Come on Tesco. This isn’t really acceptable anymore.

 Rob’s snap has upset devotees of good grammar as much as it has opponents of casual sexism.

“My daughter loves unicorns and dolls. She also loves robots, dinosaurs, rockets, monsters and Lego. Don’t make me have to reassure her that this is ok.”

But @lonearrangeruk responded: “More concerned about the lack of apostrophes then any other feigned outrage. Seriously. Do you think they have patrols on the aisles?

@steeliebobs wrote: “Yes, it’s absolutely disgraceful. The world’s gone mad, where the heck is the damned apostrophe?”

@englishchick wrote: “The truly unforgivable thing about this sign is the missing apostrophe.

@AlElGreen said: “More concerned about the lack of apostrophe.”

Others agreed with Rob’s original point.

@mike36l posted: “Well said Rob if they just left the sign saying toys it would have been acceptable for all.”

@mamtasinghal2 commented: “They are just toys. We don’t want gender specific toys.”

@Brown1977Ben said: “I agree couldn’t they have put toys instead of making it a boy or girl thing.”

@KateLlewellyn1 wrote: “As a girl whose favourite toys have always been game boys, playstations etc. This needs to stop. Girls’ toys aren’t as fun anyway.”

Television writer Donna Franceschild claimed the lack of an apostrophe was further evidence of sexism.

She tweeted: “Plus, how is she supposed to get to grips with English grammar if Tesco omits the crucial apostrophe indicating the possessive?

“Perhaps they don’t think girls should be worrying their pretty little heads about that.”

Rob himself said today (mon) he was “frustrated” with the apostrophe issue “as it distracts from the real issue of gender bias in society”.

He added: “Boys and girls are encouraged to perform certain roles and seemingly small things like signs, toys, colours and clothes make a real difference to their life choices.”

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