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Brit slams Tesco, claims supermarket is charging “more than double” the price for same pizzas in different product

A BRIT has slammed Tesco with claims that the supermarket chain is selling mini pizzas in a different product for “more than double” the original price.

Oliver Stone was in a Tesco store on Monday when he noticed that the supermarket’s 55p mini cheese and tomato pizzas bore a striking resemblance to another product.

The dad was left baffled after noticing that the two mini cheese and tomato pizzas being sold in a £2.25 pack elsewhere in the fridge looked almost the exact same.

A video shows security guard Oliver standing in Tesco as he holds one of the 55p Hearty Food Co. mini pizzas in his hand, saying: “Hey guys, (I) found something quite shocking at Tesco today.

“My son loves these little mini pizzas and they’re 55p, they’re 114 grams each and they’ve always been the same.”

Oliver, from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, then puts down the pizzas as he pans the camera up to another higher shelf which shows a stack of different mini pizzas, packaged in packs of two.

These pizzas are also more than double the weight, weighing in at 232 grams compared to the Hearty Food Company’s 114 grams.

He adds: “When I look at this new product, they’re literally the exact same pizzas for £2.25, more than double the price of the other ones, same ingredients, just to let you guys know – sort it out Tesco.”

Oliver uploaded the clip to social media on Monday, where it has since received over 5,800 likes and more than 125 comments from users who were left divided by the price difference.

One user wrote: “The two packs have hidden veg and are thicker, one of your five a day. Also, the 55p ones are Tesco’s mega value range. Totally different product.”

Another said: “They’ll get rid of the 55p ones soon.”

A third replied: “But they put a cute bunny on it.”

Another replied: “Different tiers, Hearty Food Co. is their value range. But I agree the price difference is wild!”

Despite Oliver’s gripes, there is in fact a difference in the products as the £2.25 pizzas come with “hidden carrots and tomatoes” in a bid to help kids eat one of their five a day.

Speaking today a Tesco spokesperson said: “The two products in this video are not comparable.

“One is from our value line “Hearty Co”  and the other is from our core Own Brand range.

“They are made to different specifications and using different quality ingredients, for example the Kids pizzas in our core range have extra hidden vegetables in the sauce.”

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