Video shows Andy Murray beat his mum in a “Hula Hoop war”


A HILARIOUS video shows the moment Andy Murray effortlessly defeats his mum Judy during a “Hula Hoop war.”

Scottish professional tennis coach Judy Murray posted a video of herself  and Andy hula hooping on Twitter.

It appears that the pair were competing to keep their hoops spinning as long as possible.

The mum of two admitted her poor technique was what let her down under the pressure.

Twitter users who viewed the clip noted that the Strictly Come Dancing judges would not have been impressed with her hip movements.

Judy Murray was a contestant on the programme in 2014 and made it past the halfway point despite constantly admitting to being “the worst dancer on the show”.

The Hula Hoop battle took place on a court in Miami and was posted to Twitter in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Judy posted the clip calling it “Hula Hoop wars”.

She wrote: “Note to self : Poor technique will always let you down under pressure.  Pick your battles more carefully.”

The clip begins with the battle already under way on a court in Miami, in bright sunshine.

A shirtless, and slightly pink, Murray says to his mum: “It’s just all about letting it not fall down.

Judy can be seen swinging her hips furiously trying to keep up her red hula hoop, while Andy looks extremely relaxed, effortlessly keeping his balanced.

The pair laugh, as Judy replies sounding breathless: “Yeah… I’ve got a feeling I’m going to tire much quicker than you are” before dropping her hoop.

Twitter users thoroughly enjoyed sharing the hilarious moment between the mother and son.

Maureen StewartJones wrote: “Laughing at this as Andy is just brilliant. Good on yer Judy, need to remind him that you taught him how to use a spoon.

Annbeni wrote: “Lovely Andy makes it look so easy.”

Ally Bainton wrote: “Sir Andy schooling you there Judy, hope he has a good block and is strong for Australia!”

A user called Muhammad Ali wrote to Judy: “But you still managed to do it for so long.”

Others made some jabs at the coach for her swinging hips.

A user called Dawny called her “snake hips”.

Judith Forde offered the advice: “Back and Forward not round and round!”

Emma Riley wrote: “All that hip action must come from Strictly surely!?

Denis Maxwell wrote: “Craig and the judges would not be happy with that hip action…”

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