“How the f*** he done that?” Clip shows giant crane wedged under motorway bridge


BAFFLING video shows a giant crane stuck under a motorway bridge at a 45 degree angle.

The accident caused hours of delays on the M49 near Avonmouth, Bristol, on Monday.

A clip was shared to Facebook by Scott Davies, a work colleague of the man who filmed it, and has since racked up more than 355,000 views.

He captioned the clip: “One of the boys just sent me this, M49 shut both ways in Avonmouth. Oops.”

The short clip, which was taken from a vehicle passing not long after the incident took place, shows a crane halted at the bridge.

"How the f*** he done that?" Clip shows giant crane wedged under motorway bridge
The crane got wedged on the M49 in Avonmouth

As the crane comes closer into the shot, the severity of the situation can be seen more clearly as it is wedged onto the bridge.

A person in the background can be heard saying “oh my god,” as the vehicle passes the crane, the vehicle attached to the machine is lifted off the ground.

Referring to the driver of the crane, Andrew Pape responded online: “I’d love to hear that phone call.”

Dave Drabble commented: “How the f*** he done that?”

Trevor Sinclair said: “Wee bit of a driver’s error.”

"How the f*** he done that?" Clip shows giant crane wedged under motorway bridge
One user said: “How the f*** he done that?”

Martin Tomkinson commented: “Done a proper job of that eh?”

Dave Wilson said: “Bloody hell, I know he is in the s***! All I can think of is he was working on one side of the bridge and had to move to the other side without putting his boom in the rest.”

Harris Todd commented: “Thought you’d appreciate the genius on display here.”

Robert Sullivan said: “Doesn’t look good, I mean the bridge does look camouflaged with sky.”

Highways England said they are continuing to investigate the incident.

A spokesman said: “The safety of our road users is paramount, and the road was closed following the incident while structural engineers carried out a full inspection and assessment to ensure the structural integrity of the bridge.

“Thorough inspection revealed that the bridge structure was not damaged, however some minor surface repair work was needed. This was carried out overnight and once the vehicle was removed after a complex recovery operation, the road was fully reopened in time for this morning’s [Tuesday] peak time.

“In the meantime, we are continuing to investigate the incident with our contractors.”

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