Hilarious moment schoolboy suffers instant karma for “racing” on pavement


HILARIOUS footage shows the moment a schoolboy suffers instant karma for riding his bike on a pavement at breakneck speed.

The lad crashes into recycling boxes and is catapulted through an open gate and into a garden.

Thankfully, the youngster appears none the worse for wear despite his spectacular, high-speed crash.

He dusts himself off, politely rearranges the rubbish bins, and gets back on his bike.

The incident happened in Bristol on June 5 and was captured on CCTV covering Lee William Bixley’s garden.

The cyclist going into the rubbish bin
The lad came zooming down the pavement

He uploaded the clip to Facebook with the caption: “And that’s why bikes aren’t allowed on the path.”

The clip suggests the boy may have been racing as another bike can be glimpsed in the top of the frame also going at high speed.

After smashing into the bins, the boy is lucky not to collide with the metal fence outside the property. Instead, he flies through the open gate and appears to land in foliage.

After getting to his feet, the lad recovers his shoes, cleans himself up and pedals off in the direction he came. He even has the manners to push the pile of recycling boxes into a neat line.

The cyclist fetches their bike from the rubbish

James Eagle wrote under Lee’s post: “Hahahaha that’s f*g brilliant.”

Pat Bixley added: “You’ve been framed.”

Aimee Jane said: “Won’t be forgotten in a while.”

Speaking today Lee said: “On that particular day the council failed to collect the recycling.”

Asked what the boy thought he was doing, Lee replied: “I have no idea but certainly looked like they were racing.”

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