“Legitimate legend” – Sir Rod filmed singing hilarious song about his clothes


HILARIOUS footage shows Sir Rod Stewart singing about how much he loves his clothes.

The music icon posted a video to his twitter account of him singing about the flamboyant clothes that he wears.

He can be seen dancing around in his dressing room going through his extravagent fashion choices.

The Maggie May singer posted the video earlier today and has delighted many of his fans and has already racked up more than 9,000 views.

The 74-year-old can be seen standing in his dressing room next to a rack of clothes.

Sir Rod sings: “Would you like to come into my dressing room, to see all the clothes I sometimes wear.”

Sir Rod continues to sing whilst picking out some of his favourites. He sings: “I wear a bit of silver, and I wear a bit of gold, I wear a bit of leopard skin and then I wear some gold.”

He then then picks out a specific ‘chap’ and sings about it. He continues: “And this old chap keeps rolling on, I like my clothes, get off me barrow, I love my clothes.”

The icon finishes his impromptu performance with a beaming smile and a chuckle.

His fans were delighted by the treat in the comments.

Rod’s wardrobe containing some of his distinctive outfits, Image: Sir Rod Stewart, Twitter

@KarenMager3 said: “Legitimate legend.”

@Cocobadd26 added: “I simply #ADORE this man! He is so down to earth and all his clothes! Yes you are amazing #SirRodStewart i have always loved his outfits @ concerts.”

@Westlm62 wrote: “You make any sad day brighter and a good day awesome. Been loving you since I was a teen. Thank you for being you Sir Rod. Love you!”

@Denverblondy said: “How awesome! I wish I could see all of your clothes I’ve always loved your style, you’ve always had swagger, call the swag police.

“I might ask if I could have one of your outfits LOL I would wear it well haha with pride.”

Fans have reacted with delight to the song, Image: Sir Rod Stewart, Twitter

@TheKamranZamani added: “Yes Rod! And what a wardrobe you have! Enjoy life mate for giving us so many memorable tracks!”

@Auntdefazio wrote: “Thank you for making my morning Rod.”

Sir Rod Stewart is currently embarking on a world tour.

He is due to perform in Sperken, Austria on Wednesday.

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