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Heartwarming video shows gran singing nursery rhyme to pooch – who amazingly joins in

A HEARTWARMING video shows a gran singing a nursery rhyme to her beloved pooch – who amazingly joins in.

Margaret Shepherd was visited by her granddaughter Klair and her pet dog Luna last week, when she showed off the pup’s vocal skills.

The 81-year-old crooned a rendition of nursery rhyme (How Much Is) That Doggie In The Window?, which one-year-old Luna promptly chimed in on.

Video shows the inseparable pair from Ballyclare, Northern Ireland, cuddled up on the sofa in Margaret’s living room, with Luna resting on her gran’s lap.

The pair sleepily look at each other as Margaret lovingly says to the pup: “Will we sing a wee song?”

On-screen text reads “She only sings for her nana” as Margaret reassures Luna: “You and Nana sing a wee song.”

Luna looks up excitedly at Margaret as she begins to sing the lyrics to Patti Page’s 1952 hit, sitting up and whining to join in as Margaret croons the verse.

Margaret can be heard singing “Ruff ruff” between each line, which Luna quickly joins in on, throwing her head back and howling along.

The pair continue the rest of the song, with Margaret handling the main singing and Luna howling at the end of each line.

They finish the song before Klair and Margaret chuckle and praise Luna, with Margaret embracing the excited pup in a tight cuddle.

Klair can be heard cooing to Luna: “Singing with your nana.”

Margaret grins as she says to the pup: “Good girl”.

They chuckle some more as Margaret asks if Klair managed to capture the special moment on camera, before Luna lays many licks and kisses onto Margaret.

Klair took to social media last week to share the heartwarming moment, writing: “I’ve tried but she’ll only sing for her nana.”

The post received over 79,700 likes and more than 700 comments from many users left touched by the cute clip.

Margaret and Luna having a cuddle together.
Pictured: Margaret and Luna having a cuddle together. (C) Klair Louise White-Shelver

One person wrote: “Nanas always have a special bond.”

Another said: “Nothing stronger than a bond between your dog and your grandparent. My dog is obsessed with my granda.”

A third commented: “This is what I come to the internet for. So precious.”

Another added: “Oh my God. This is the most precious video. One you’ll look back on for many years.”

A fifth wrote: “Dogs know people. That dog knows how to respond to that love. It’s so beautiful to see.”

Speaking today, Klair said: “Luna and I go down to nana ever weekend and they get up to their antics. When I got Luna, she completely changed both our lives by bring incredible joy and happiness.

“Nana came with me to pick Luna up and threw up all over her in the car – great start but from then on, she always knew when we were going to nana’s. When nana calls me on [the Amazon] Alexa video, Luna goes bananas.

“She licks the screen when nana talks to her. They love each other very much and have a very special bond.

“I’m chopped liver when nana’s around. Nana began singing with Luna when she was younger and she loves it.”

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