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Picture BBC’s “Live at the Apollo” – the comedians coming on one by one to do short stand-ups in front of a live audience. 101 Comedy Club is exactly like that, but without any flashy entrances.

In the little venue of the Hanover Tap, comedians from across the Fringe Festival each do stand-up pieces to try and convince the audience to come to their individual shows. It’s very much a “try-before-you-buy” sort of show. First up was John Pendel, Nicole Harris, Paul Jennings and Mat Wills.

Wills opened the show by playing with the audience a little, poking fun at the people in the front row and laughing at his own jokes along with everyone else. He then invited the acts on the stage, one by one, to do their pieces and make everyone laugh, which they did.

They were all pretty standard stand-ups, with the comedians poking fun at dating, their loved ones and life in general.

Perhaps the least enjoyable was Harris’s performance, because she milked her opening joke to the point where it felt slightly old before it was finished.

For anybody thinking about seeing a comedy show, but isn’t sure about which one to choose, going to the 101 Comedy Club might be the best idea. It’s completely free, audiences can get a feel for comedians and their performances and it’s a good laugh.

Show Information


Venue: Laughing Horse @ The Hanover Tap – The Wee Tap

Dates: Aug 3 – 25

Time: 16:30 | 19:30

Tickets: Free

More info: Here

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