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Make life more convenient and efficient with vape starter kits


With the innovation of vape technology, the new vape starter kits have truly achieved the most fundamental role of vapes.

The high portability and excellent detoxification effect make more and more consumers choose vape starter kits, but in the face of the spurt launched vape starter kits, many consumers have difficulty in selecting them.

This article will gather readers’ questions and answers about vape starter kits.

What are the current major categories of vape starter kits?

According to the different structural functions of vape starter kit, it can be divided into three types:  disposable vape, vape pod system and vape pen kits.

Image: Sven Kucinic on Unsplash

What Are The Characteristics of Different Types of Vape Starter Kits?

Disposable vape: can not be charged, can not be added to smoke oil, the smallest size, the most portable capacity.

Vape pod system: The replaceable cartridges are rechargeable, mostly pen-shaped, and can be replaced with different flavors at any time.

Vape pen starter kits: Rechargeable oil can be replaced with a smoke cartridge. You can choose your favorite smoke oil flavor to add.

What Are The Costs of Using Vape Starter Kits in Use?

For vape pod system, the consumption in daily use is a closed-type cartridge. The vape starter kits that can be injected with the oil smoke will consume the smoke oil and the smoke pod. In general, the smoke pod that can be used for oil injection can be filled with more than 5 times. For a disposable vape, the individual does not incur any use fees, but if it needs to be used for a long time, it needs to purchase a disposable vape

How Is The Smoke And Oil Lifespan of Vape Starter Kits?

Although the vape starter kits are not very powerful, the electricity consumption during use is very small, and most of the vape starter kits can satisfy the one-day use life at full power. In the case of smoke oil, the oil-filled cartridge and the closed-type cartridge can meet the frequent suction for one to two days, and the disposable cigarette can also reach more than 300.

Do I need to purchase a dedicated charger for vape starter kits after purchasing them?

In addition to disposable smoke, the other two rechargeable vape starter kits are equipped with a dedicated charging cable at the factory. Most of the  vape pen kits have a charging input current of about 0.5A, so when charging vape pen kits, they can be linked with the computer USB charging port without a dedicated charging device.

What Kind of Smoke Oil Should Be Selected for Vape Pen Kits?

Due to the slower oil guiding speed of vape starter kits, it is recommended to choose 50VG smoke oil for matching. The maximum temperature should not exceed 70VG, otherwise it will lead to poor oil guiding. In order to meet the needs of addiction, it is recommended to choose nicotine content of 6MG or more. Choosing nicotine salt smoke oil for vape starter kits can achieve the best results in terms of oil demand and demand for addiction.

Which Type of Vape Starter Kits Is More Effective?

If the cost performance should be considered from the user’s frequency of use and usage requirements, the three types of vape starter kits have different pricing ranges and cannot be directly compared.

Buying advice:

When a newbie first contacts vapes, we suggest starting with a disposable vape and first seeing if it is suitable for the taste of vapes. Many people just can’t accept the difference between vape  and cigarette flavor. Try it a few times. Can get used to it.

When you have replaced cigarettes with vapes, we recommend that you consider  vape pod system or vape pen kits to reduce the cost of use.

If you are looking for a taste, we recommend using a 200W+ drip  atomizer combination.

How to Choose Vape Starter Kits That Suit Your Need?

Generally speaking, disposable vapes are more suitable for vape  users who do not use high frequency and have certain social sharing needs. Vape pod system and vape pen kits are more suitable for users with higher convenience and higher demand for taste replacement. The vape pen kits  is more suitable for users who use vapes more frequently and have their own favorite smoky flavor.

According to the different classifications and characteristics of vape starter kits, when you choose vape starter kits, you can define the type of vape starter kits you need, so that you can more easily choose the vape starter kits that suit you. No matter what kind of vape starter kits, the convenience of use, the portable capacity to carry and the effect of mouth-sucking and addiction are very good. After all, the current the technology of vape starter kits is very mature,  and choose vape starter kits suitable for you. 

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