Amazon customer goes to loo and finds toilet bombarded with parcels


An AMAZON customer has been left dumbfounded after a delivery driver dropped his parcels through his toilet window.

The bizarre video shows one parcel holding open the window to allow the other parcels to be dropped in.

Furthermore, the customer had received a notice from Amazon saying the ‘parcel was handed to the resident’ in Ibstock, Leicestershire.

Incidentally, the delivery blunder is just 24 miles away from Houghton on the Hill in Leicestershire where an Amazon driver threw a pack of light bulbs through a first floor window the previous day.

Aircraft dispatcher Ollie Bacon posted the video to Amazon’s Facebook page yesterday saying: “I hope nothing is broken inside my parcels.”

The video shows Ollie, 31, standing in the downstairs toilet looking towards the floor, where he found two items lying next to the toilet.

Ollie pans upwards to his windowsill where another parcel can be seen dumped next to precious ornaments.

Finally, a fourth package is wedged in the bathroom window in order to prop it open so the other parcels could be dropped in.

The large package appears to be balancing on the window and on a set of curtains.

Ollie is heard saying in the video: Here’s our deliveries, chucked through the window.”

Amazon’s social media team commented on Ollie’s post saying: “My sincerest apologies! This is not the experience we want for our customers.”

Ollie today said he could hear a commotion outside but thought nothing of it.

Ollie found four packages in his bathroom

He said: “I was in the kitchen or garden and I heard the doorbell, but normally the deliveries just end up in the garage (which are in the special request box). I could hear a bit of commotion, but thought nothing of it until later in the day when I went to get the parcels.

“[I heard] just a clattering sound, and the delivery driver rang the doorbell a couple of times. I didn’t hear the driver, but I can imagine that they are in a rush to move on to the next drop, and saw a quick opportunity to deliver the parcels to a safe place.

“[I] noticed the big one propping the window open in the downstairs toilet. The delivery driver even had the audacity to mark the delivery as handed to resident haha.

“When I saw the parcels on the floor I did wonder if what was inside was damaged and also how they missed the things on the window ledge. Luckily, the toilet seat was down haha.

“They weren’t damaged, but it could’ve been something breakable. The driver can’t see what is in the parcel! I did send them an email yesterday, but I’ve not heard back from them yet.

“I would’ve been angry if something had broken either inside the parcel or something on the window ledge.”

Ollie said it was lucky the toilet seat was down

Ollie had ordered cable ties, fish food, make-up in a glass bottle that was bubble wrapped and a replica soap that was on board the Titanic.

This comes after an Amazon driver threw a parcel of light bulbs through an upstairs bedroom window.

Claudine McLaren was left stunned when she found a delivery notice saying: ‘put through open window’ at her home in Houghton on the Hill on Monday.

Ollie’s delivery blunder the following day is just a 42 minute drive from Houghton on the Hill.