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Social media users left fuming after spotting book on Amazon written by man who vowed to ‘exterminate’ Ukrainians

SOCIAL MEDIA users have slammed Amazon after finding a book – written by a neo-Nazi who claimed he wanted to ‘exteriminate’ Ukrainians – available to purchase on the site.

Pavel Gubarev had his book self-published in 2015 initially but it was spotted on Amazon last week by eagle eyed shoppers.

Pavel Gubarev.
Pictured: Pavel Gubarev. (C) Twitter

The book runs to 377 pages but has so far left buyers unimpressed which might explain why the memoir written by the Russian solider is currently rated with two stars out of five.

The novel available to purchase for £13.70 is described by Amazon on their website as a ‘memoir of experiences of the Donbass uprising that sparked the first Donbass war of 2014’.

The cover of the book shows the Donetsk People’s Republic separatist standing with his arms crossed looking into a camera with a blue front cover.

Gubarev became notorious for his comments about Ukrainians after he made the chilling threat to kill millions.

He made the startling threats when Russia began mobilising troops to head west into Ukraine with the 40-year-old saying: “If you [Ukrainians] don’t want to be convinced, we’ll kill you.

“We’ll kill as many as we have to – one million, five million or exterminate all of you.”

The book listing on Amazon.
Pictured: The listing for the book. (C) Amazon

Many people quickly rushed online to voice their displeasure at the book being readily available on Amazon and slammed the company for allowing the platform to host the novel.

Political economist Alex Kokcharov was one of many people who questioned the retailer’s decision to platform the allegedly hate-filled book.

Alex took to social media last Tuesday, to air his disgust at the book being published on Amazon’s website.

The associate director wrote in his post: “#Russian terrorist Pavel Gubarev is sanctioned by the #UK government since 2014 but yet he is selling his hatred-filled books on Amazon UK.

“Hello @AmazonUK, do you care to comment?”

The post received more than 750 likes and dozens of comments as many were quick to share their anger at seeing the book available on Amazon.

A tweet from Alex.
Many were left outraged by the listing. (C) Twitter

One person wrote: “Amazon, this person supports the Russian’s ideology and it seems like you’re okay with it, allowing him to sell his books on your platform. We’d love to hear any comments from you.”

Another said: “Amazon, how are you selling this book? This is a person who is under sanctions (including financial sanctions and as a politically exposed person) in the UK, EU, US and a number of countries worldwide.

“This individual should not be making money in the UK.”

A third commented: “Amazon, why do you let the terrorist, murderer, ideologist spread the disinformation and make profit? What the actual hell?

A fourth added: “Get this trash out of Amazon, now.”

A final commenter wrote: “Remove this book immediately or I’ll stop buying books from your sites @AmazonUK”.

Gubarev was allegedly sanctioned by the UK in 2014 as a result of his participation in the Russo-Ukrainian war.

In 2022, he is said to have signed a short-term contract with the Russian Armed Forces, joining as a “private” in the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In May 2023, Gubarev became a leader of the Russian group the Club of Angry Patriots – a nationalist movement that criticises the Russian government for its inability to win the war against Ukraine.

An Amazon spokesperson said:

We comply with our legal obligations and, as a bookseller, we provide customers with access to a wide selection of content, including content that may conflict with our company values and corporate positions.”

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