Wannabe singer dropped over drugs charge 183


By Paul Thornton

A BUDDING Scottish singer has been dropped by a top record label after her drug-fuelled lifestyle saw her locked up for having a fake gun.

Talented Natalie Hendry was signed by Sony Records – who boast global stars such as Britney Spears – earlier this year after impressing in a series of auditions.

But the 20-year-old reggae songstress was dropped after she was locked-up when cops found her with an imitation hand gun and a metal pole last month.

Hendry, who sings in Scottish-Jamaican reggae band Project Bona Fide, admitted possession of an offensive weapon and was kept on remand while social workers looked into her background.

At Edinburgh Sheriff Court, she was released on bail so she could be assessed for a drug testing and treatment order before she is sentenced over the replica fire-arm.

The court heard how police found the troubled singer hiding in a common stairwell of a block of flats.

They searched her and found the gun, a metal pole and a dart but she claimed she had been given the weapons to hold by a man who had been in a bust-up over a drug deal.

It was this disturbance that police were investigating when they stumbled on Hendry, who is also known as “Litl’ Natt”.

Her solicitor, Steven Donald, said she a “very dominating” figure in her life who had dictated what drugs she took and how she dressed and lived her life.

He said: “She was also engaged in activities to support her own and his drug taking.”

Mr Donald said this “destructive” relationship had kept her hooked on drugs and that her unstable lifestyle had all but ended her singing aspirations after Sony dropped her.

He said: “She has been described as having a prodigious singing talent but due to her chaotic lifestyle has been unable to take advantage of that talent and she was eventually dropped by Sony.”

Mr Donald said she had now left Paul and was hoping to rebuild her life, adding: “She hopes that she can pick up this career but will only be able to if she is drug free.”

Sheriff Isobel Poole released Hendry on bail and ordered her to be assessed for drug treatment and also placed her on a night-time curfew.

She warned the Edinburgh-based singer she may yet be jailed over the incident, especially if she fails to co-operate, adding: “It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a non-custodial sentence.”

Hendry, who said she will be living with her father – and band mate – “Daddy Scotty”, will be sentenced next month.