Roses from Chick-kick MSP 289


By Michael MacLeod

A BUNCH of red roses is on its way to Chick Young – from the team of MSPs who kicked him off the park during a charity football match.

A cheeky peace offering was made after MSP John Park left the BBC TV pundit worried he had a broken ankle.

Park’s Labour party colleague Councillor George Redmond plans to meet up with Young at the weekend to “kiss and make up.”

He said: “Hopefully the flowers will be received in the manner they’ve been sent and will help Chick to get well soon.

“I’m sure he’ll put them to good use and find a nice wee vase to put them in and think of me with fond love when he looks at them.

“I’ll be at Chick’s charity game with Dukla Pumpherston at the weekend to kiss and make up.

“Maybe we should all take a look at ourselves and not live in fantasy football land thinking we’re better than we actually are.”

The flowers – signed ‘With all our love’ – were sent after Calton Cllr Redmond teamed up with Frank McAveety MSP, who was also playing against the football writers’ team.

McAveety said Young should “grow up and be a man.”

He said: “We’re all big boys and we should all shake hands.

“I hope Chick is on the mend and he deserves a big bouquet of red roses.

“We’ve sent him flowers to show this is all in good humour.

“It was a robust challenge, nothing different to what you see on parks up and down the country on a Saturday.

“Chick should grow up and be a man, shake hands and forget about it.”

Redmond strongly denied leading the Holyrood squad out with a battle cry of : “Lets get into these ****s.”

And he said he was disappointed not to get a chance to shake Young’s hand after the match.

He added: “It was a charity game, there was a good bit of banter and everyone was shouting.

“Chico went off after a wee challenge and nobody saw him again.

“I hope it’s not put him off football completely.

“I’m laughing at some of the coverage in the papers of the game, but it’s showbiz and you have to pick yourself up and get on with it.

“However, I want it made clear I never use the C-word and I’m not happy about how it came across.”