Friday, July 1, 2022
1The View Team Up With Paulo

The View Team Up With Paulo

By Alexander Lawrie

THE VIEW’S lead singer Kyle Falconer has admitted he is “feeling the pressure” in the run up to the release of the band’s second album.

Out on February 2, Which Bitch? features an unlikely duet between the Dundee rockers and Paisley pop star Paolo Nutini.

The new material represents something of a departure for the band with the Dundee four-piece revealing a more full-bodied sound.

The follow-up to 2007’s platinum album Hats Off To The Buskers, was recorded last year in Monmouth, Wales.

But the band are currently raging after learning copies of the album are circulating on the internet.

More than 2000 fans have already downloaded all the tracks in a move that could cost the band thousands of pounds in lost sales.

Falconer, 21, told Radio One: “We can’t wait to get it out. We’re chuffed that it’s finished – it took forever with producer Owen Morris.

“It took eight weeks to do this and the last one was only two weeks. So I had a lot more time on my hands this time – it was a laid back kind of vibe but it was still good.

“I’m starting to feel the pressure now. We’ve sort of been nonchalant about the whole thing – we’re just trying to keep our cool.

“That [full-bodied sound] just came about without us noticing it because we had loads of time to do the songs.

“We’d be sitting there for six days not doing anything, then all of a sudden we’d have an idea to put a recorder or something on it and it’d just completely change.

“It was like ‘Well if you’ve got a recorder you might as well have an orchestra.’”

Meanwhile, Covers – a new track included on the LP – features an unlikely collaboration with fellow Scottish star Paulo Nutini.

“The song was already finished and he was working in the studio next door,” said Falconer.

“I just went up and tapped on the door and said: ‘Do you fancy singing on this because I thought it would suit your voice?’

“It sounds top top – the words are perfect.”

The View are on tour throughout Britain in February with the band playing four dates in Scotland.

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