Friday, May 27, 2022
1Hibs fans plan swine flu taunt for derby visit to Hearts

Hibs fans plan swine flu taunt for derby visit to Hearts


HIBS fans are preparing to taunt bitter rivals Hearts at the final Edinburgh derby of the season next week by donning surgical face-masks in a jibe at the recent swine flu scare in Gorgie.

An online campaign on fansite Hibs.Net has been underway ever since newlywed Gorgie couple Pete and Jenny Marshall were quarantined after returning from honeymoon in Mexico with flu like symptoms.

HEARTS CONFERENCETheir home is less than a mile away from Hearts ground Tynecastle prompting a barrage of abuse from Hibees.

One online fan calling themselves True Hibernian jibed: “Brilliant.  For the next derby I think it would be humorous and apt to wear surgical mouth masks (as they do in Tokyo, Mexico etc).”

“I have often argued that we should wear those anyway regardless of flu, as they do tend to smell a bit there.”

Another fan, calling himself Titch, added: “Due to the recent swine flu pandemic the United Nations has closed all piggeries world wide.

“It is rumoured Heart of Midlothian have asked to play their remaining spl fixtures at Murryfield till all is well.”

The outbreak in Gorgie also prompted a flurry of pig related gags.

One fan named Mr Austin joked: “They’ll be fine and dandy with a prescription of oinkment.”

Another prankster calling himself Belhaven2 said: “Poor sow(ls) they must be boar(d) stiff stuck in their pens all day.”

But Hearts fans hit back at the Hibs fan’s surgical mask plan last night.

Gordon Harrison, of the Longstone Hearts supporters club, said: “These Hibs fans have got a cheek.

“The surgical masks might come in handy though, cause’s they’ll all be pig sick when we give them another doing next Thursday.”

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